There is a wide range of requirements for vehicle construction with which manufacturers have to comply which relate to the driver’s direct and indirect vision, the latter via the rearview mirror. In CAVA VISION these tasks are covered by a series of different CAVA features.


Field of View and Reference Points on the Windshield

Optical Properties of the Windshield

A-Pillar Obstruction of Vision

Vision Planes

Direct Vision to the Front and to the Rear

Calculation of Interior and Exterior Mirrors

Answer these questions with CAVA Vision

The influence geometry has on the driver’s field of vision can be investigated with CAVA Vision in a simple way. Questions such as “Will the vehicle still fulfill the requirements for A-pillar obstruction, if the SgRP (Seating Reference Point) is changed slightly?” are answered in a few clicks.

cava vision screenshots

Legal conformity checks are especially helpful with regard to rear-view mirror function, as it is possible to test the impact of specific parameters directly in CAD.

  • What happens when convex or aspherical glass is used instead of planar glass?
  • How is the field of vision affected when the radius of the glass is changed?

These are just a few of the possibilities. From this, the user is able to easily calculate the level of obstruction to the field of vision due to the vehicle design. Moreover, the functionality of the CAVA Mirror feature has already been approved by different homologation authorities for the European standards.

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