CAVA Safety (part of the CAVA product portfolio) enables you to verify the requirements for the safety of pedestrians and occupants. The tool enables you to calculate and analyze markup lines and impact zones for mandatory physical impacts to the exterior of the vehicle, as well as to find minimum radius violations on exterior and interior components like bumper, grille, mirror housing, dashboard and doors.

Why choose CAVA Safety?

Head and Leg
Impactor Test

Prepare the crash simulation on the digital model according to legal requirements (UNECE R-127) and consumer protection guidelines (NCAP).

Operational Time & Cost Savings

Save time by reducing the need for physical prototypes.

Locate Minimum Radius Violations in Design

Easily find minimum radius violations for interior and exterior design according to legal requirements.

Certification Documentation

Provide documentation as required by certification agencies.

Take a Look at CAVA Safety in Action

CAVA Safety Feature Demonstration

Key Features & Capabilities

Pedestrian Protection

The pedestrian protection feature calculates the reference curves, impact points, and areas for head and leg impactors on the vehicle front, according to ECE-R 127 and Euro NCAP regulations.

Pedestrian Protection NCAP in CAVA Safety

Safety Radius Exterior

The safety radius feature checks the exterior vehicle geometry if the minimum required radius is violated. It considers the reachability with the test sphere and the specific radii for bumper zone, lamp and grill elements.

Exterior Analysis on Bumper in CAVA Safety

Safety Radius Interior

The minimum radius feature checks the interior vehicle geometry to see if the minimum required radius is violated. It calculates the head impact and exclusion zones, considers the reachability with the test pendulum and the specific radius requirements for each zone.

Interior Analysis in CAVA Safety

Projection Measurement in Section

The projection measurement feature calculates the height of projecting elements in sections using the two touching circle method according to UNECE-R 21 and UNECE-R 26. It enables you to produce section drawings as required by certification agencies.

CAVA Safety - Projection measurement in section
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