CAVA Safety provides the user with CAVA features, which calculate these areas and create these as CAVA geometry within CATIA. This informs the constructor of the critical areas early on in the process. As with all CAVA features, there is a link to the vehicle data, so the data is (automatically) updated with modifications.

CAVA Safety Features

Pedestrian Protection

The pedestrian protection feature calculates the reference curves and impact points and areas for head and leg impactors on the vehicle front according to ECE R127 and Euro NCAP regulations.

Safety Radius Exterior

The safety radius feature checks the exterior vehicle geometry if the minimum required radius is violated. It considers the reachability with the test sphere and the specific radii for bumper zone, lamp and grill elements.

Safety Radius Interior

The minimum radius feature checks the interior vehicle geometry if the minimum required radius is violated. It calculates the head impact and exclusion zones, considers the reachability with the test pendulum and the specific radius for the zones.

Projection Measurement in Section

The projection measurement feature calculates the height of projecting element in sections using the two touching circle method acc. to ECE R21 and ECE R26.

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