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Our dedicated team of design engineers offer expert support, however you need it. TECHNIA ECoE spans across 13 countries, with specialist experience in Creative Problem Solving, Detail Design, Manufacturing Drawings, Product Development, and Advanced Engineering. Let us help you solve your design challenges!

How can we support your design engineering needs?

Turnkey Solutions

Let us take away the burden of managing your project and provide you with the results.

Engineering Consultancy

Allow our team of expert engineers to solve your R&D challenges and help move your project forward.

Expand your Team

Make use of our engineers on your projects to help with resource issues or peak workloads.

Training Courses

Explore our range of universal training courses to help your engineering teams develop.

Starting with a clean sheet of paper with a clear brief from our client, TECHNIA ECoE were commissioned to resolve an issue within the construction industry. Development of a working prototype was a major step in providing investors with the confidence to continue funding the project.

Ideation and Formation

Our Engineering Centre of Excellence provides a free initial Design Review meeting to see how best to take your project forward and assess whether we’re able to assist along the way. This stage is used to discover what initial Research is needed to fully define a Specification against which the design can develop while meeting key criteria.

It’s best to understand these components during the earliest stages of a new project to ensure the minimum loss of time and expenditure as you move forward. Our experienced engineers call on a range of backgrounds, industries, and disciplines to make sure that your project gets off on the right foot.

Design Outline

At this stage of your project, you’re looking to get a grasp of the potential solutions that will define your product. We offer a method of Creative Problem Solving based on the understanding of Engineering Fundamentals and first principles.

Our engineers thrive on Conceptual Design generation that helps you to take the next step in your project. While our industry-spanning experience enables us to bring transferable technologies and fresh perspectives to your project.

Design Definition

Our engineers will assist in moving your concepts through to Detail Design. Supporting projects both internally and externally allows our team to continually develop knowledge and best practice from across a variety of industry sectors. Our Process Methodology is defined using these foundations and we are then able to apply this to all stages of our projects to ensure they meet specification. Our trained engineers are then able to generate tangible outputs in the form of Manufacturing Drawings adhering to British or International Standards.

Project Advancement

To make sure your project meets its specification, it’s typical to go through a stage for Prototyping and Iteration. Understanding what areas have been successful or unsuccessful is critical to delivering exactly what is required. This is where we can use our experience and varied skill set to help recommend Product Development routes, as well as assist with Materials and Process selection to ensure the project achieves its best possible functional and budgetary targets.

Value Adding

Assessing processes and R&D targets correctly is a great way of making your projects better streamlined and getting greater returns. Our wide-ranging experience and continuous learning allows us to develop methods of interaction with a deeper understanding of the issues. As such, we can advise on less common practices or technologies.

With Advanced Engineering know-how, we offer Automated Intelligent Design systems which reduce design and analysis time. We may also conduct Value Engineering to reduce costs or waste. And we provide universal Training Courses, such as Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, to help your teams develop.

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