In the world of Industry 4.0, people, machines, equipment, systems and products communicate and co-operate with each other directly. Production processes are integrated intelligently across company boundaries to make manufacturing more efficient and flexible.

What Industrial IoT Means For You

Here's why equipment manufacturers should embrace Industrial IoT


Effortlessly collaborate on diagnostics and recommendations.


Maintain the highest performance level expected by your equipment.


Give machines the power and autonomy to predict future failures.


Strengthen customer relationships and drive up after-sales revenues.

Why Industrial IoT?

Share diagnostics and recommendations collaboratively

With Industrial IoT, after-sales service is now connected to operators, technicians and their machines.

After-sales service provides factories with proactive support which translates into immediate operational gains. This is due to the sharing of key data, the production context, and the quick knowledge of actions to be carried out.

Maintain the highest performance level expected by your equipment

When connected, your equipment will know when performance levels are lower than they should be.

The after-sales service can prioritize the affected equipment and instruct its customers on how to return it to the highest performance levels. This could be using the best changeover sequences and then the associated operating mode to follow. This could be on the highest performance level in the past and which operating mode to follow.

Give machines the power to predict future failures

Eliminating unplanned shutdowns is key to achieving eco-efficiency goals.

By modelling a machine’s behaviour, the manufacturer empowers the equipment to predict its own failures and recommend adequate intervention. This results in considerable gains for customers.

Increase after-sales revenue with New Business Model Formalization

As factories become digitally driven, equipment manufacturers have a unique opportunity to strengthen their customer relationships and generate new revenues by connecting their machines.

However, creating a digital services offering is a challenge that requires a combination of technologies, new skills and a sustainable business model.

We'll Guide You Through This Transformation

Our Promise

Our aim is to help equipment manufacturers move towards an Equipment-as-a-Service model, with new digital services that help factories achieve better performance while reducing their environmental footprint.

Our Objective

Beyond these objectives, these new digital services are also key for equipment manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition and generate additional recurring services revenues.

Our Solution

With the implementation of our InUse MRM solution, we will guide your company through this transformation, delivering a measurable positive impact on your balance sheet.

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