Get an overview of systems modeling and how to set up a virtual testing and exploration process to assess and develop buildings thermal management faster and more sustainably.

You will see how the acausal modeling language Modelica can be fully taken advantage of through Dymola to build multi-purpose physics models of complete buildings which are then tested to assess the benefit of innovative heating, cooling and insulation technologies in any usage profile, environment conditions and location in the world within the same simulation environment.

About the Event

The UK Government is committed to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the UK to net zero by 2050 and by 63% of the 1990 levels by the year 2030. To achieve “net zero” also requires tackling the built environment which generates approximately 25% of the UK’s GHG emissions (Environmental Audit Committee, UK Parliament, 2022). A large proportion of the UK built environment’s emissions is for providing indoor space heating to give the occupants a good level of comfort.

Systems modeling plays an important role in the decarbonization of domestic buildings or houses, since it can quickly and efficiently identify the most effective strategies for eliminating GHG emissions whilst without costly real world trial and error of installing technologies that may or may not be suitable.

The industrial case presented by Energy Systems Catapult will focus on a process of house characterization starting from an excel spread sheet which will configure a detailed systems model of the same house within Dymola for the user. Multiple scenarios are then simulated in parallel to assess the benefits of different control strategies and technologies that are integrated within the building.

Topics Covered

  • Benefits of systems modelling for buildings
  • Application examples
  • Industrial case study

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with an interest in multi-physics systems modelling and testing virtualization for buildings.

Why Attend?

Live Workshop

Gain live experience in Dymola and the Modelica modeling language.

Industry Experts

Presentation and workshops given by simulation industry experts.

Latest Updates

Discover the role of systems modeling in the decarbonisation of domestic buildings!

Session Content

  • Benefits of systems modeling for buildings
  • Application examples
  • Industrial case study  – Home Energy Dynamics Modeling Toolkit
  • Close Q&A


Alessandro Picarelli

Alessandro Picarelli

Engineering Director | Claytex, TECHNIA Company
Carl Holland

Carl Holland

Buildings Modeling Manager | Energy Systems Catapult

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