DELMIA Apriso allows manufacturers to achieve operational excellence by enabling visibility and intelligence, not just within the plant or across the enterprise but also to the extended supply chain.

Main Features

BPM for Manufacturing

DELMIA Apriso applications include embedded and native Business Process Management (BPM) allowing standardisation of best practices across multiple locations.

Enterprise Quality Management

Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) standardizes quality management across enterprises, allowing manufacturers to manage quality on a global scale.

Global Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)

Global EMI provides a consistent approach to gathering and reporting up-to-the-minute information across various locations, analysing the manufacturing execution across plants.

Global Manufacturing

DELMIA Apriso applications provide enterprise-wide manufacturing operations alongside supply chain visibility and intelligence.

Global Product Traceability

Leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – using manufacturing Big Data and analytics – to reduce the complexity with tracking and tracing global operations.

Global Visibility

DELMIA Apriso extracts detailed plant data from all manufacturing operations – including production, inventory, quality, maintenance, and labour activities.

Lean Manufacturing

DELMIA Apriso enables management and optimization of material flow through value chain, adding efficiency to Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle across production and supply chain processes.

DELMIA Apriso Solutions


Synchronize production with planning to improve resource management.

  • Dispatching Board
  • Just-in-Sequence
  • Production Intelligence Pack
  • Machine Intelligence Pack
  • Machine Integrator with IIoT capability​
  • Complex Assembly Production Operator Role​
  • Production Supervisor Role


Real-time, end-to-end visibility of inventory tracking, material flows and all other warehouse processes.

  • Dispatching Board
  • Just-in-Sequence
  • Warehouse Intelligence Pack
  • Logistics Intelligence Pack


Detect and track non-conformance events, driving resolution through Corrective Action and Preventive Actions (CAPA) and other quality improvement processes.

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Execution System
  • Issue Management
  • Containment Manager
  • Global Containment Manager
  • Quality Intelligence Pack
  • 3D Visual Quality Defect Tracking


Synchronize maintenance operations with production, quality and other activities to avoid disruptions and anticipate equipment repairs.

  • Dispatching Board
  • Machine Intelligence Pack
  • Maintenance Intelligence Pack
  • Maintenance Nomad Mode

Time & Labour

Comprehensive, real-time visibility and historical analytics into employee performance, in and across plants.

  • Time & Labour Intelligence Pack

Centre of Excellence

Define and improve business process modelling for continuous improvement, whilst measuring and improving upon production performance.

  • Process Builder

Business Integrator

Integrate DELMIA Apriso applications with third-party, external business systems to enable synchronized manufacturing operations, avoid duplication of effort, and remove ambiguity about ownership.

  • Business Integrator

Machine Integrator

Integrate DELMIA Apriso applications with a wide range of devices and equipment on the plant floor to facilitate a high degree of automation with manufacturing operations across your enterprise.

  • RFID
  • Machine Intelligence Pack

MPI Lite

Enable real-time analytics and reporting without the need for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solutions or Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

  • MPI Light

Manufacturing Process Intelligence

Identify costly bottlenecks or constraints to accelerate decisions that can maximize efficiency, reduce inventory and lower costs.

  • Executive Intelligence Center
  • Reporting Analytics Platform
  • Production Intelligence Pack
  • Machine Intelligence Pack
  • Maintenance Intelligence Pack
  • Time & Labour Intelligence Pack
  • Quality Intelligence Pack
  • Warehouse Intelligence Pack
  • Logistics Intelligence Pack
  • Plant MPI

Global Manufacturing Suite

Enable management and synchronization of multiple manufacturing and operations facilities (both in-house and of suppliers, customers and partners) to respond to market demands.

  • Global Process Manager
  • Manufacturing Process Intelligence
  • Global Traceability
  • Global Containment Manager

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