PLM is a Holistic Approach to Product Development

Product Lifecycle Management incorporates every aspect of a product’s lifecycle – from innovation through to repurposing, reuse and recycling. PLM platforms are suites of connected software bringing together people, processes and data, creating a seamless collaborative environment. And making product creation simple, successful and sustainable.

What Can PLM Do for Your Organization?

single source for speed

Shorten Time to Market

Enable design teams to work faster thanks to centralized access to real-time data and developments. Remove time-consuming inefficiencies, like the need to replicate data across different systems, or transfer data from one department and system to another as products progress through development stages.

Reduce Development Costs

Drive ROI both through general efficiency gains and speed-to-market improvements, and through specific savings in manufacturing-related costs. Reuse of materials and consolidation of part designs and suppliers saves on material and component costs.

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Revenue growth is a bigger contributor to profit than cost reductions. PLM is uniquely able to support increased revenue by facilitating earlier market introduction and freeing up resources to drive innovation.

Safeguard Product Quality

Quality issues always entail costs and often have further consequences such as erosion of customer confidence and loss of sales over time. Ensure product quality by making it easy to stay in control of all product, part, manufacturing, and compliance details.

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What Can You Do with Your PLM Platform?


Collect ideas and requirements, and directly create your digital twin with all data connected to the 3D model.


Advanced engineering and systems engineering with the most effective design tools directly integrated into your PLM platform.


Structures and protects your IP, ensuring that your data is secure, accessible, and traceable.


Gain valuable, real-world insight through fully functional simulation models of your products.


Visualize virtual manufacturing, make digital prototypes, and plan for production and operations.


Create visualizations, instructions, and collateral directly from the design model.


Successfully identify and resolve issues with traceable, actionable data.


Comprehensive control over your entire product lifecycle with full traceability of processes and materials.

On Premise PLM
  • Shorten time to market
  • Reduce development costs
  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Safeguard product quality
  • Local hosting
  • Internal security
  • Customizable deployment
  • Rigid infrastructure
  • Capital expenditure
Hybrid PLM
  • Shorten time to market
  • Reduce development costs
  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Safeguard product quality
  • Flexible hosting
  • Adaptable security
  • Fast to deploy
  • Easily scalable
  • Lower capital investment
Cloud PLM
  • Shorten time to market
  • Reduce development costs
  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Safeguard product quality
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reliable security updates
  • Deploy in minutes
  • Flexible scalability
  • Operational expenditure

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