Creating digital continuity across systems is a common challenge, which is why we developed TECHNIA Integration Framework to simplify the integration of cloud or on-premise installations of 3DEXPERIENCE with other enterprise systems.

Integration Framework Concept Diagram

What Is Integration Framework?

Built on modern technologies, industry standards, integration principles and best practice from first-hand experience of running 3DEXPERIENCE integration projects, Integration Framework is a scalable and sustainable solution that enables you to seamlessly connect 3DEXPERIENCE to any other Enterprise systems. We also offer a number of pre-built connectors for speedy deployment, such as Jira to 3DEXPERIENCE and SAP to 3DEXPERIENCE.

A Supported Software

A software product fully supported and upgradeable, that integrates enterprise applications based on industry standards such as JMS, AMQP and web services, and is scalable to meet the largest implementations.

A Development Toolkit

Offers simple configuration capabilities for setting up new integration use cases, and provides advanced capabilities to further extend Integration Framework use cases without customization.

A Framework

Proven architecture and framework perfect for configuring and developing integration use cases. Best practices built in from our years of experience with customer integration projects.

A Modern Technology

Based on modern technologies and integration standards, with pre-built connectors available for 3DEXPERIENCE to SAP, JIRA and Dynamics, enabling smooth integrations with other enterprise systems

Helping to Solve Your Integration Challenges

  • Connect your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to any other enterpise system with extensive configuration capabilities
  • Supports multiple integration techniques like WebServices (SOAP and REST) and Messaging (JMS, AMQP, NativeMQ).
  • Sustainable Solutions On Prem and Cloud
  • System upgrades can drive extra cost and a solution matching the new version could be required
  • Ability to continually monitor integration jobs to minimise instability and maintain application server performance
  • Pre-built Connectors available for quick integration deployment - JIRA, SAP, Dynamics
  • Reduce cost and complexity for your enterprise integrations to PLM systems with TIF. Operations can be costly due to ineffective error management​
  • System upgrades can drive extra cost and a solution matching the new version could be required. TIF provides supported software that plugs into and scales with your enterprise architecture.

Solving PLM Integration Challenges For Our Customers

3DEXPERIENCE Enterprise Integrations in action at Autoliv
Hear from Autoliv about their 3DEXPERIENCE enterprise integration journey: What were their challenges? How did they choose tools, and why? What has their experience been like so far with TECHNIA and Integration Framework? And what plans do they have for the future of their integration landscape?

Admin UI Provides Full Control

TIF Admin Interface
Integration Platform As A Service (iPaaS)


  • Search transactions
  • Stop / pause integrations
  • Error tracking and follow-up
  • Resend / process failed integration jobs
  • Track resources and scale up in time


  • Usage statistics per integration
  • Current processing integration jobs
  • Success / error rates


Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Integration Platform As A Service (iPaaS)
Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud

With many businesses moving to the Cloud – and the fast evolvement of the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud EIF – TECHNIA Integration Framework is also available as a cloud iPaaS: A SaaS Integration Tool enabling you to quickly and easily connect 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud to other enterprise systems.​


Pre-built Connectors

Starter kits to speed up integration deployment for processes, systems and tools


Allow enterprise teams to collaborate seamlessly on information sharing, while continuing to use best-of-breed platforms for PLM and ERP. Enhance cross functional processes with secured and synchronized master data. As development processes evolve over time, the connector has built in flexibility to change data- and process mappings on the fly, to meet new business requirements with the smallest delay possible. Ensure and secure the digital process and data continuity.


3DEXPERIENCE to Jira Connector

Maximize the value of your 3DEXPERIENCE and Jira investment with the TECHNIA 3DEXPERIENCE to Jira Connector.
Enable seamless collaboration between hardware and software development teams. While you continue to enjoy best-of-breed PLM and ALM platforms.

MS Dynamic 365 Connector

The D365 Connector is a powerful integration solution that seamlessly connects the Dassault Systèmes and Microsoft platforms, enabling holistic digital process and data continuity.

dynamics 365 to 3dexperience connector diagram

3DEXPERIENCE to SAP Connector Demo

Watch Johannes Storvik (CTO, TECHNIA) and Phillippe Rinero (R&D Director, TECHNIA) as they guide you through a quick demo of the SAP TO 3DEXPERIENCE Connector.

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