Access Your Data When and Where You Need It

Reuse of data is one of the key principles of PLM, especially when implementing a new platform. With significant investment in various data migration tools and processes, TECHNIA are able to deliver scalable solutions based on your individual needs. Data Migration is not a one size fits all activity and therefore whether a small scale data import of standard components or a comprehensive and automated data analysis and migration whilst coexisting in different systems, TECHNIA are able to support.​

Scalable Solutions Based on Your Individual Needs

TECHNIA understand that your data is important and having your Intellectual Property available where and when you need it is key.​ With comprehensive experience in Data Migration Processes, Software, Automation, Customization and Consultancy, services include:​
  • SmarTeam to 3DEXPERIENCE migration (Including a toolkit of TECHNIA utilities)
  • SmarTeam data extraction
  • ​File-based import and migration in to and out of SmarTeam and 3DEXPERIENCE​
  • ​Migration and data pre and post cleaning and processing

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