Within the sphere of ergonomics, SAE Standards specify a two-dimensional test dummy, for use in determining the various passenger positions.

The dummy can be positioned according to the many different options relating to the geometric guidelines or specifications for the angle of the body and the relevant parameters.

Using the contours of the head position and the eye viewpoints and ellipses, all the relevant SAE parameters, such as e.g. headroom or legroom, can be verified. Positioning is also possible across or against the direction of travel.

Generally speaking, the application is used – analog in the case of OVA – very early on at the concept stage and is completed during the course of development.


  • SAE 2D Manikin Template
  • Different percentage sizes
  • Comfortable positioning
  • Check for a geomtry clash
  • Floor, pedal, angles, hip
  • Positioning for rear passengers
  • Head Position Contour
  • Clearance in vertical and diagonal direction
  • Eye points/ellipses
  • SRP location curves (SAE)

cava mankin

2D Manikin Template with the contours of the head position and the eye view

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