The SAE Standards specify a two-dimensional test dummy for use in determining the various occupant seating positions. CAVA Manikin allows the dummy to be positioned according to the geometric guidelines or by specifications for the joint angles of the body and the relevant parameters. Using the contours of the head position and the eye viewpoints and ellipses, all the relevant SAE parameters, such as headroom or legroom, can be verified.

Why do you need CAVA Manikin?

Save time determining the correct seating positions of occupants

Easily create standard eyepoint and eyellipses to be used in vision analysis

Quickly measure key parameters for head room clearance to the roof

Ensure headrests meet required safety qualities

Take a Look at CAVA Manikin in Action

CAVA Manikin Feature Demonstration

Key Features & Capabilities

SAE 2D Manikin Template

This function creates the 2D Manikin template in different percentage sizes
  • Provide practical positioning methods for specific purposes as described in SAE J826 standard.
  • Define the seating reference point based on heel, floor and pedal reference point and/or recommended joint angles.
  • Define pedal geometry and heel point based on seating reference points, floor geometry and joint angles.
  • Measure legroom in the rear seats (long-coupled and short coupled situation).
  • Check for clash with geometry (front seat, dashboard, etc.).
  • Provide SRP location curves SAE J4004 as reference.
Manikin in the driver seat with floor and pedal

Head Room Measurement

Calculate the headroom clearance to the roof in vertical and diagonal directions according to SAE J1052.

Head Room Measurement in CAVA Manikin

Head Rest Verification

  • Calculates the backset and height as measured with the headrest measurement device (HMD) according To FMVSS 202 and NCAP.
  • Checks if the required width, height and roof clearance of a headrest is achieved.
HMD measurement in CAVA Manikin

Eye Points/Ellipses

  • Creates the standard eyepoints according to UNECE-R 125 for different purposes in vision and mirror analysis.
  • Creates the ellipses according to SAE J941 as required for FMVSS vision checks. Supports different definitions based on standard year and purpose.
Standard eyepoints and ellipses in CAVA Manikin