CAVA Tools is a collection of CAVA functions available in the ‘CAVA All’ bundle or as a standalone product, making CAVA technology available to non-automotive customers.

CAVA Tools Currently Available

CAVA Silhouette - Front View of Vehicle
CAVA Silhouette

2D Projection of Geometry Outlines

The Silhouette function offers the possibility to project the silhouette outlines of a complete vehicle with one click. This helps to create homologation drawings including measurements of key parameters like length, width and height. The Silhouette function:

  • Is easy to use.
  • Can be used anywhere you need a silhouette, it’s not limited to special automotive scenarios.
  • Works in product context and with visualization geometry – no limitation to single parts.
  • Enables you to select projection direction and projection plane independently.
  • Calculates exterior outlines and outlines of openings.
  • Can optionally create filled surfaces.
  • Can optionally project only geometry on specific side of projection plan.

Take a Look at CAVA Silhouette in Action

CAVA Silhouette Feature Demonstration