Bringing the functionality of CAVA for CATIA to Non-CATIA users using the standardized ISO format JT

LiteCar helps to validate the compliance of your vehicle design and architecture to international rules, norms and standards during the entire design process – from the concept phase to homologation. LiteCar provides car designers with a tool that ensures relevant national and international car design regulations and standards are observed. LiteCar also enables company-specific design and security regulations to be integrated into the car model.

Why Use LiteCar?

Reliable Solution for Legal Compliance

Easy access to Standards and Car Parameters
Less need for Physical Prototypes due to Validation of the Digital Model
Applicable during all Phases of the Design Process, from Concept to Homologation

Save Time, Reduce Costs & Increase Reliability

Manual verification of the compliance of the evolving design requires high effort and is subject to human errors. LiteCar provides reliable and fast analysis features to verfy the compliance to international standards and regulations such as ECE, GTR, Euro NCAP, FMVSS, RCAR


LiteCar is seamlessly integrated with TECHNIA’s Lite3D portfolio.


TECHNIA’s vehicle homologation applications are market-leading. The proven solutions are used by OEMs and suppliers world-wide.

LiteCar Features

Lite3D Feature Overview
Detailed Description of LiteCar features
LiteCar ensures the compliance of the vehicle geometry by checking for rules and regulations

Key Features & Capabilities

Visible Validation Results

Results will be projected onto the model and shown in 3D. The results can be saved to an XML file and are open to be reused in other applications.

Configurable and Open

Suppported Standards are available as a readable XML file.
You can easily create your own adapted company-specific standards within the tool.

Impact Testing

The required height for bumpers is defined in various standards and can be checked in LiteCar.

Crash Barriers
Calculate the position of crash barriers and display them in 3D.

Side Impact
Simulate side impact tests according to Euro NCAP, FMVSS and IIHS. Further functions of our CAVA application are continuously added to LiteCar.

Pedestrian Protection

Calculate and display reference curves and impact areas of passers-by using various standards.

Close Range Visibility

The Japanese MLIT standard describes the driver’s field of vision in front and to the side of the car, including the existing mirrors and camera systems. This standard can be checked with LiteCar.