When developing new vehicles, standards, guidelines and norms from different countries must be taken into account. LiteCar ensures the legal compliance of the vehicle architecture already during the construction phase. Typical international standards such as GTR or Euro NCAP are available and individual, company-specific standards can be integrated.

Key Benefits of using LiteCar:

Initial review of policies and security standards

Already at the beginning of the development of a new vehicle, guidelines and safety standards of the target markets can be checked.

Checking and creating the specified fields

The LiteCar features basically have two functions: On one hand, the prescribed fields, sizes or installation spaces can be created. On the other hand, existing geometries can be checked for compliance.

Storage of the results

LiteCar calculations and results can be saved and reused.

Visualise in 3D

Results will be projected onto the model or shown in 3D


The direct safety of passers-by and passengers plays an increasingly important role in the development of new vehicles. For the designer, it is very important in the CAD system to identify areas as early as possible that will be checked in a crash test. For the safety of passers-by, these are the bonnet and the windshield, with which the head could come into contact in an accident. The size and position of these areas is created depending on the vehicle parameters and the vehicle geometry.

LiteCar functions

LiteCar is part of the Lite3D portfolio and available as a plug-in in the LiteBox3D. The current release 1.7.3 contains the following features:

Pedestrian Protection
Calculate and display reference curves and impact areas of passers-by using various standards.

Close Range Visibility
The Japanese MLIT standard describes the driver’s field of vision in front of and to the side of the car, including the existing mirrors and camera systems. This standard can be checked with LiteCar.

This function calculates the floor line of a body.

The required height for bumpers is defined in various standards and can be checked in LiteCar.

Crash Barrier
Calculate the position of crash barriers and display them in 3D.

Side Impact
Simulate side impact tests according to Euro NCAP, FMVSS and IIHS.

Further functions of our CAVA application are continuously added to LiteCar.






Here is a short video with an overview of the functions:


Here is a video with a detailed description of the functions:

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