Design and verify your overall vehicle package plan with CAVA OVA.
Make correct component placement easy in the early concept phase – from lamps to number plates and seat belts, and evaluate if component locations are within designated design limits during the design phase.

Discover the Benefits of CAVA OVA

Supports Virtual Homologation

Supports your complete vehicle design process from concept to homologation.

Operational Time &
Cost Savings

Reduces the cost of creating physical prototypes due to validation of the digital model.


Keeps the key design parameters and analysis features integrated in the design data during complete development cycle.

Complete Reliable Solution for Legal Compliance

Assists component placement and ensures compliance with regulations and standards.

Take a Look at CAVA OVA in Action

CAVA OVA Feature Demonstration

Key Features & Capabilities

Base Data Concept

  • Organize relevant parameters in a central location.
  • Define vehicle size, wheel size, driver and occupant placement.
  • Define different ground reference planes to accommodate loading configurations.
Picture of the Base data representation in CAVA OVA

Underfloor Clearance

  • Analyze static and dynamic curbstone clearances.
  • Measure ramp, approach and departure angles.
  • Create the overall ground clearance surface.
Picture of underfloor clearance surface in CAVA OVA

Component Placement

  • Get guidance and verification about lamp types and their required absolute and relative positions.
  • Verify size, location and lighting of number plates.
  • Check placement of seat belt fixings and child restraint systems.
  • Check wheel covering by the fender.
  • Measure pedal clearances.
Picture of lamp position check in CAVA OVA

Crash Barriers

  • Create crash barriers and low-speed pendulum shapes.
  • Calculate first contact points of barriers to the loaded vehicle.
  • Available for front, side and rear impact.
CAVA OVA Crash Barriers
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