LiteComply checks whether the JT models in the area of ​​geometry, structure and methodology meet the development guidelines of a customer and thus meet the requirements for the subsequent processes.

Key Benefits of LiteComply

Easy to handle

JT and TIFF files can be checked batch-wise or interactively directly in LiteBox3D, an easy-to-use JT viewer.

Compliance with guidelines

Design guidelines and quality requirements can be met with ease.

Seamless integration

LiteComply is seamlessly integrated with TECHNIA's Lite3D portfolio.

Data validation before shipment

LiteComply handles the validation of JT data before shipping.

Comply with design guidelines and quality requirements through data quality for JT and TIFF

With LiteComply, companies can easily comply with construction guidelines and quality requirements. Compliance with standards and quality norms becomes an automated part of the process with LiteComply.

LiteComply is seamlessly integrated into TECHNIA’s Lite3D portfolio. JT and TIFF files can be checked in batches or interactively in LiteBox3D , an easy-to-use and free basic version of the JT viewer.

A number of data quality problems can occur within the JT format and the PLMXML and STEP AP242 XML files that are frequently used in the JT context for the display of assembly structures. These make the subsequent processes significantly more difficult and often require extensive corrections and rework.

Here are some examples of available rules:


  • Existence of elements
  • Links to documents
  • JT file version
  • Isometric position matrix
  • BREP types
  • Consistent component units


  • Discontinuity checks
  • Folding surface normals or elements outside the bounding box
  • … and many more

Validation properties

  • Validate geometry after conversion
  • Different profiles can be used

More info in this video

The rules required for a test can be saved in configurations and made available to the user. A detailed description of the error and visualization of the problem greatly simplify the display of errors for the user. The test results are made available in the form of HTML protocols.



Application in the Daimler JT Supplier Package

In order to be able to deliver JT data to Daimler, a qualification must be carried out. LiteComply is integrated in the Daimler JT Supplier Package (JTSP) and takes over the validation of the JT data before shipping.



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