LiteBox3D Web Viewer is a user-friendly JT viewer based on HTML5. 3D data can be displayed in any browser and on any device.


LiteBox3D Web Viewer

Key Benefits of using LiteBox3D Web

IP Protection

No client-side installation or browser plug-ins are required for the LiteBox3D Web Viewer. The 3D models are stored on the server at all times - only tessellated information is sent to the browser of the end device, thus ensuring a high level of security for your data. Installation, configuration and updates are carried out on the server.

Open Standards

TECHNIA supports the CPO initiative (Code of PLM Openness) and demonstrates with LiteBox3D that the JT format is an open ISO standard. LiteBox3D reads the JT file based on the specification of JT ISO 14306: 2012 and does not use a manufacturer or re-engineered toolkit.

Always up to date

No more misunderstandings due to different data levels. The current status is always available. Users no longer have to ask questions such as: "Where are my models?", "Who has my data?", "What is the right version?"

User-friendly interface

Since the functions of LiteBox3D are self-explanatory, users do not need any previous CAD knowledge for dimensioning, cutting and comparing assemblies. The user interface can be configured, which means that functions can be switched off as required.

Low server hardware requirements

Client-side rendering does not require powerful hardware for the server. A graphics card is not necessary on the server. The graphics card of the client is used to display the models.

Easy installation and integration

The LiteBox3D Web Viewer with its powerful APIs, can be easily integrated into any web-based solution, for example in spare parts catalogs, lifecycle management applications, supplier portals and PDM / ERP systems.

Easy access on any device

Whether mobile or at the desk, you can access your 3D data from anywhere.

Offline mode

Work without a network connection thanks to the files in the local cache.

Use case: LiteBox3D Web can be used, for example, to project welding spot coordinates from a database onto the 3D model.






The functions of LiteBox3D Web are listed in the following table. The desktop version of LiteBox3D is used for comparison.
Feature Desktop  Web 
Representation of JT (Version 8.1-10.2), STEP AP242 XML, PLMXML, OBJ, WRL
Display of PMIs and model views
Show properties / attributes
Show model tree
Multi-Model view
Switch between orthographic & perspective projection
Switchable view (shaded, shaded with edges)
Highlighting of components (colored or transparent)
Redlining / Markups – Create & Save (Author) (i) x
Redlining / Markups – Load & Show (User) (i)     planned
Exploded View x
Offline Mode
Access from any device x
Create snapshots
Measure up
Create cuts
Change the visibility of layers x
Access to Lite3D products (liteComply, liteDrop, xCompare, LiteMachine, etc.) x

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