3DHTML is a proprietary format from TECHNIA, which contains the tessellated representation, the structure tree, PMIs and the metadata of a 3D model within an HTML document. The viewer functionality is also embedded in this document. 3DHTML documents can be viewed in any web browser without installing additional software.


Key Benefits of using Lite3DHTML

Ideal for users without CAD knowledge

Lite3DHTML is characterized by the ease of use, which is very important for users. The layout of the HTML document can be adapted to the application using configurable templates. Depending on requirements, viewing functions such as cutting or measuring can be made available or model views, PMIs, attributes and structure tree can be shown or hidden.

Creation of Lite3DHTML interactive or automated

Lite3DHTML documents can be generated interactively in LiteBox3D Desktop or automatically by a batch call. The size and quality can be adjusted by selecting the level of details (LOD). Work instructions and redlining elements created with LiteBox3D Desktop can be saved and played in 3DHTML.

Safe and up to date

The geometric data are embedded as a proprietary format. Access to 3DHTML documents can be protected with a password. To avoid outdated versions of your data, an expiry date can be set.

Always available

3DHTML documents can easily be exchanged and displayed on any device in the web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE 11, Edge, Safari, …). A connection to the Internet is not required.

Lite3DHTML in Action

Use cases

3DHTML files can be used in any department where 3D data is essential: shop floor, quality assurance, purchasing department and suppliers.


  • 3D visualization (zoom, move, rotation)
  • Meta information (properties)
  • model tree
  • PMI and model views
  • Functions for cutting and measuring
  • View redlining and markups
  • Password protection
  • Expiry Date



Hovercraft  /  Rasberry Pi 2 Case  /  PMI Test model (Template 1)  /  PMI Test model (Template 2)  /  Racecar  /  Hydraulic Jack  / Hydraulic_Jack – Work InstructionRadial Engine

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