Throughout the development stage, new car design must comply with legislation and guidelines in the countries where they are licensed. LiteCar ensures the compliance of the vehicle geometry with these rules and regulations. Typical international standards, such as GTR or Euro NCAP are included but also company-specific standards can be easily incorporated.

Main Features

Regulations, norms and standards

Comply with international regulations, norms and standards throughout the development stage


Create references or help geometry representing design space, clearance areas, or fields of vision required to support draft and design. Since this help geometry is generated from the established standards, any existing or new geometry can be verified against these standards

Saved to file

LiteCar sessions and calculated results can be saved to file

LiteCar is a plug-in for LiteBox3D and included with the Lite3D
LiteCarportfolio. LiteCar release 1.1.0 is the first public release and includes
the Pedestrian Protection feature. Further functionality is added
continuously using the knowledge from our CAVA application.

The direct safety of passengers and pedestrians plays an increasingly
major role in the development of new vehicles. It is important for the
designer to identify as early as possible, those areas which have to be
checked by means of crash tests. With regard to the protection of
pedestrians, these include the bonnet and the windscreen of the
vehicle in case of head impact.

The size and position on these areas depend on the vehicle parameters
but also on the vehicle geometry in particular.

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