Streamline Laboratory Procedure Management and Execution with an Integrated Laboratory Execution System (LES)

BIOVIA Compose and BIOVIA Capture, as part of the Dassault Systèmes Laboratory Execution System (LES), revolutionize the way scientists manage and execute procedures. Standardized procedure authoring with BIOVIA Compose ensures consistency, reduces re-work, and streamlines workflows, while BIOVIA Capture enables efficient, paperless, and mobile-friendly execution of recipes and methods. Embrace a unified approach that enhances data integrity, compliance, and efficiency, from authoring to execution.

What Can You Do with BIOVIA Compose and BIOVIA Capture?

Seamless Procedure Authoring and Execution

Create standardized procedures with BIOVIA Compose and execute them efficiently using BIOVIA Capture, ensuring consistency and reliability throughout

Complete Laboratory Execution System (LES)

Integrate both solutions as part of the LES, enabling comprehensive procedure management, execution, and data integrity, streamlining your laboratory operations

Collaboration and Compliance

Foster collaboration among scientists through shared workflows and standardized task assignments, while maintaining adherence to regulatory and safety requirements

Streamline Work Distribution

Assign tasks to samples and lab personnel, prioritizing and setting due dates for efficient work distribution, reducing bottlenecks in your workflows

Improve Experiment Management

Optimize sample tracking, definition, and labeling, enhancing overall experimental task management and promoting systematic re-use of organizational knowledge and best practices

Key Laboratory Execution System Features

Take advantage of efficient procedure authoring and standardized method execution, while fostering collaboration, data integrity, and compliance for streamlined laboratory operations
BIOVIA Compose
  • Define and Author Standardized Procedures: Create stepwise procedures and methods, aligning with industry standards, to ensure reliable and repeatable processes
  • Streamlined Procedure Management: Build procedures from libraries of operations and actions, streamlining workflow and reducing re-work
  • Process Tree Visualization: Visualize complex parallel and inter-dependent procedures with the process tree, defining stepwise limits and instructions for efficient execution
  • Cloud or On-Premises Deployment: Deploy in the cloud or on-premises for flexible and accessible operation, with minimal IT overhead
  • Unified Lab Integration: Integrate with other Unified Lab applications for a comprehensive and collaborative laboratory environment
BIOVIA Capture
  • Efficient Method Execution: Execute recipes and methods with a mobile-friendly, tablet-based application, ensuring standardized and compliant procedure execution
  • Data Quality Assurance: Review data by exception to enhance data quality, accuracy, and reliability, while following approved procedures
  • LES Integration: Access recipes authored in BIOVIA Compose, ensuring consistent execution from authoring to execution
  • Cloud or On-Premises Deployment: Deploy in the cloud or on-premises for flexible and accessible operation, catering to your specific needs

Latest Updates to BIOVIA Laboratory Execution

Stay ahead with the latest advancements in laboratory execution!
Laboratory Execution with BIOVIA

BIOVIA Compose and BIOVIA Capture are continuously evolving to meet the demands of modern research and development.

The recent updates include enhanced libraries of operations and actions in BIOVIA Compose, empowering scientists to build procedures more efficiently. In BIOVIA Capture, you’ll enjoy improved data entry features, enriched visualization, and a seamless user experience on various devices. Experience enhanced collaboration, data integrity, and compliance in your laboratory operations with the latest updates to the Dassault Systèmes unified Laboratory Execution System (LES).

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