Unlock the Power of Collaborative Research with BIOVIA Notebook

This cutting-edge, web-based, Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) has been specifically designed to facilitate scientific collaboration and foster innovation. Empower your teams to work seamlessly together, capture knowledge effectively, and accelerate product development.

What Can You Do with BIOVIA Notebook

Streamline Experimentation

Conduct and record experiments efficiently with structured templates and enhancing research productivity

Centralize Data Management

Consolidate all research data in one secure location, enabling easy access, retrieval, and sharing among teams

Electronic Signatures

Enable timely Intellectual Property (IP) protection and regulatory compliance

Collaborative Innovation

Foster cross-team collaboration, allowing seamless information exchange and ideation for faster innovation cycles

BIOVIA Notebook Feature Overview

BIOVIA Notebook is a web-based solution and has a flexible and intuitive user interface. The Electronic Labnotebook can streamline experiment documentation, promote data integrity, and accelerate research and development processes in every science-based industry such as Life Science, Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG), Oil & Gas, Energy, High-Tech, Energy, Process and Utility, Aerospace and Defence.
Feature Overview
  • Freeform or template-driven record capture
  • Search by full-text or chemical structure
  • Re-usable document templates and sections
  • Chemistry enabled including molecule storage
  • Tight Microsoft Excel integration
  • Full audit trail and audit reporting
  • E-signature enables Intellectual Property (IP) protection and regulatory compliance

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