There’s a gradual upturn in the skill levels required to explore, deliver and support implementation in a business. As Industry 4.0 rapidly develops new manufacturing processes, some companies are finding that they are in need of colleague support when deploying new technologies.

Improve Your Employee’s Skill Sets

In many circumstances the technological benefits can be achieved quite painlessly.

But, when the changes are implemented in manufacturing, logistics or supply chain, the impact is compounded by the sheer number of those involved.  And there’s always the chance that staff will require additional skills to flourish in a digitally enhanced environment. The good news is that an intuitive user interface is high on the list of deliverables from most vendors. And there are a host of resources available to help close that skills gap.

Progressive Branding

Perception shouldn’t hold you back from acquiring new talent.

Despite the fact that manufacturing organisations are involved increasingly in high-tech areas such as robotics and artificial intelligence, many undergraduates remain unconvinced about a career in the industry.

Promote your company as an attractive and digitally savvy employer. Win potential employees over by using your marketing team to create material that supports your recruitment. And use channels that both your existing and prospective employees pay attention to.

Encourage employees to engage with the local community and professional groups. Conducting visits that promote your industry also promote your company and a positive influence can stay with someone their entire life.

Mutual Mentoring

Team up to accelerate digital transformation in your organisation.

Provide a dedicated, knowledgeable and supportive resource to your colleagues seeking support. Position a tech savvy employee alongside their senior so that they can acquire new digital skills. And you’ll find that, in most cases, this working relationship will be beneficial to both parties.

Dedicated Training

Specific training should be supplied as part of a technology implementation.

It’s important that a common understanding is achieved among your colleagues. Beyond mutual mentorship, it’s important to provide the specialist training that your employees require. It’s vital that your teams have a base line of knowledge and experience to build on for future developments.

Group training sessions are often the most fruitful for all involved but encourage your employees to reach out if they feel that they would benefit from one-to-one sessions.

Industry 4.0 and beyond

The ways in which new technology will impact your business are highly unpredictable.

Success is more often attributed to adaptability as the manufacturing industry undergoes some monumental technological changes. A base level of knowledge and awareness is growing within next generations, and organisations must understand this advantage to enjoy its potential benefit.

Vendors are increasing the AI component of their products and a skills gap is most likely to extend between those who operate and those who create. Be sure to take progressive measures to prepare your colleagues for Industry 4.0 and beyond.

We, at TECHNIA, provide a number of training courses and support services that can help push your organisation forward.

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