5 Advantages of Hybrid Cloud PLM

And how you can have the best of both On-Premise and On-Cloud

Will Your PLM Provider Understand Your Complex Requirements? Here’s How to Find Out.

The average car consists of around 30,000 individual components. The average aircraft is composed of more than 360,000. Design and production engineering for these products is an incredibly complex undertaking.

Turning Code Into Products On Shelves – Meet the Developer

The more intuitive a PLM system, the better it will work. But how does such a complex system become easy to use? We talked to Application Developer Munish Sharma to find out.

From Fashion-by-hand to PLM Apparel – A Witness to Textiles’ Digitization

TECHNIA Senior Business Consultant Birgitta Fordyce reflects on how fashion production has evolved from faxed designs to integrated IT.

PLM Is About People, Not Just Technology

As a TECHNIA business consultant, it’s Samuli Sarasti’s job to match the technology to its users. He says the importance of people is often overlooked in a technologist’s world.

7 Reasons to Move Your PLM to the Cloud

7 reasons to move your PLM to the cloud, and why cloud PLM will fundamentally change the manufacturing landscape.

Usability VS Functionality: What’s the Key to PLM Platform Success?

By its nature, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software must consist of multiple layers of complex functionality that collectively work to manage all stages of a product’s lifecycle.

What Does Digital Transformation Look Like to Airbus?

And why partner specifically with Dassault Systèmes to achieve it?

7 Steps to Successful Engineering Data Management

Engineering should be about engineering. But when data management gets out of hand - chaotic file systems cause errors and deadlines drift - engineering can feel a lot more like administration. This step-by-step guide will help you get back to…

More Than Code – Why Your Vendor Matters as Much as the Software

Cloud computing and SaaS models have turned IT into a service industry. That means choosing software vendors is choosing who to build a relationship with.

Is Your Team Unsure About What PLM Really Is? Here are 3 Things You Need to Know

Do you know roughly how many parts are used in a new Airbus A380? … Four million.

Is Your Team Wasting Time on Duplicate Tasks? Here’s How to Fix That

A problem shared is a problem halved. Or doubled, if two people are unwittingly working on the same issue in solitude.

Top Tips for Getting Better Customer Feedback for Product Development

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve been working on a project or a product design so long we simply can’t see it through someone else’s eyes.

How to Get Your Team to Embrace PLM Tech (yes, even the sceptics!)

It’s a competitive, constantly change business world out there. Technological shifts and advances and an uncertain economy, mean that businesses are having to be as efficient and productive as possible to remain ahead.

These Unsung Formula 3 Stars Are the Real Ones to Watch – and TECHNIA Is Now Their Sponsor

From James Hunt to Lewis Hamilton, the biggest racing stars in the world first shot to fame through their spectacular performances in Formula 3.

PLM Is Complicated. Here are 5 Reasons Why That Shouldn’t Scare You

“Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Albert Einstein How often do you see a new technology boast that it lets you perform a task in a matter of seconds? Or reduces a complex series of decisions…

The Industrial Equipment Industry now Focuses on Services, not Products.

Even if you’ve never been on a London bus, you’d recognise one if you saw one. The bright red double-deckers have evolved since the days of the original Routemasters, but they’re still an iconic part of the London cityscape. There…

Picking the Pockets of your Larger Engineering Competitors

May 26, 2016 Small to medium engineering businesses are finding an increasing number of ways to pick the pockets of their larger competitors under the shadow of Intelligent Engineering.   I love intelligent engineering, it gives an intense focus to a…

Experience the Best – Any Process, Any Industry

Every market sector has its top performers. By understanding how they operate and what they are doing that works, you can modify your own efforts to get closer or jump ahead.

PLM Magazine – Life Sciences Edition

The latest issue of PLM Magazine is a special edition for Life Sciences!

Circular Economy and PLM – Enabling Companies Make the Switch

The circular economy concept is becoming increasingly popular among companies looking to boost both their sustainability and profitability. At TECHNIA, we are looking into developing the PLM tools that will enable companies to switch to a fully circular approach. 

Turning UDI compliance into a competitive advantage with PLM

The regulations for UDI (Unique Device Identification) are high on the agenda for most medical device companies. Many faced a race against time last summer to get the necessary submissions filed on time registered, and the process can be a…

Do you master these 3 key business trends?

Being aware of market trends and the potential impact of them on your business is crucial when developing a winning strategy. To find out what key trends Dassault Systèmes is recognizing on the market, and how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can…

Digitalizing the Construction Industry – True lean construction is only possible with the right tools and processes

Ask a construction company today whether they are using lean production methods, and many of them will say yes. But chances are that their definition of “lean” doesn’t have much in common with what the manufacturing industry is doing.

Make the virtual factory a reality

Faster product development, greater customer satisfaction and more efficient production. With modern PLM systems, the industry can now start tapping into the unlimited potential of a truly digital organization.

Custom designed applications take PLM software to a new level

Leading PLM software like CATIA and ENOVIA come packed with a host of standard features that meet the biggest needs of most businesses. But every company has its own unique processes, and sometimes customized solutions can help further boost productivity…

The Right Tools for the Right Retail Process

For retail chains, the process of introducing a new product in stores can be overwhelming without the right tools. Finding an exciting product to sell is the easy part; navigating every step that’s necessary between ordering an item and getting…

Lost in Translation? Compare CATIA V5 with SMG and JT easier

CAD conversion represents an act of transforming a relatively complex mathematical description into a totally different one, trying to maintain the same outcome for the user and process but under the hood, things can get messy.

Time to speed up! – Services kill the way you think about your products

To me, Toyota Land Cruiser is the best car mankind has ever built, and will ever build. Their manufacturing process has the magic touch of Taiichi Ohno himself. But unfortunately, even the best cars need service and spare parts.

Getting Control over Your Quality Control

Every company must be able to vouch for the quality of the products they sell. But for large retail chains, staying up to date with changing regulations and standards for a broad range of products is a complex and time-consuming…

The Quest for Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest challenges for a machine manufacturer is to maintain a strong customer relationship even after a warranty expires. But in this new era of digitalization, suppliers can use modern solutions to offer continued support that will boost the…

How PLM Changed the Charter Travel Business

Jessica Enbacka, Information Technology Director at the charter travel company TUI Nordic, said that PLM has enabled her company to personalize travel products down to minute details and made it easier to create new products.

Jula: “We want to drive faster”- PLM as a Tool for Expansion

Jula, a multi-billion kronor Swedish do-it-yourself retailer, was so bogged down in complicated documentation procedures that they were hindering company growth.  The company has almost 14,000 products and thousands of specific product details for different countries. It was becoming exceedingly…

A Hybrid PLM Experience for the Apparel and Footwear Industry

Footwear brands are now rethinking their PLM strategy and looking for a hybrid solution to lower the cost of ownership and a single source of truth to cater the needs of two divergent user communities under a single brand.

Why Consider a Generic BOM?

Are you struggling in your company with keeping on top of all variant specific BOM´s, keeping track of design changes of your product variants and making sure your product variants contain the specified parts?

With a Passion for Fashion – why a textile girl chose to work within IT

Meet Anna, one of our amazing team members at TECHNIA, who after working within fashion for 20 years, changed her career path and moved into a new industry – IT. She says IT is not about coding, it’s about how…

Retail PLM – Challenges and Opportunities

Retail companies are striving to keep the modern and sophisticated consumer happy and loyal. The industry climate is complex where the consumer is acting in multiple channels and needs to be continuously stimulated. Specifically, retail businesses have to ensure that…

7 Tips for a Successful Rollout

Each time history repeats itself. You are on the home stretch of the project. You have the rollout strategy in place. You might even have conducted a test deployment to see that everything works. Is the documentation in place? Good…

3 Key Factors to Succeed with a PLM Partnership!

Our mission at TECHNIA is to facilitate the future in innovation. Our journey with PLM at TECHNIA is more than 20 years long and we are passionate in continuously fine tune and provide more customer value based on our strong…