A digital twin can provide a better understanding of the performance of your product. Design, Development and Manufacturing can each be improved through advanced simulation. Transform your business, crush new product development times, reduce risk and secure future profitability.

Empowering your engineering data by creating a digital twin can provide the edge you need.

Big Data and the Internet of Things

Unlocking the potential of product usage data

The amount of data that businesses have to act on is increasing daily. Reports, statistics, feedback, product performance reviews, trends, customer/user feedback. Interpreting and sharing that data has become a critical success factor.

As Engineering becomes the focal point of information creation, a single version of truth can add further value to your business by harnessing the power of the digital twin.

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital reflection of product possibilities

Digital twins are ‘highly detailed models of complex real-world objects recreated in virtual 3D environments.’ That 3D environment is created and developed by the design, analysis & simulation functions within your new product development areas.

Each individual component is defined, analysed and composed as a lifelike, 3D simulation. A simulation that interacts faithfully with its digital environment. Feed that simulation with real time (IoT) sensor data and you have your digital twin.

Use your product’s digital twin to assist issue diagnosis in a safe and cost effective environment. Or create preventative maintenance schedules and take development decisions to meet durability requirements. Or all of the above, and more.

Change the Laws of Physics

Time is a variable parameter to the digital twin.

Run simulations to accurately predict the outcome of years of product testing. You’ll be able to prepare preventative maintenance or highlight potential causes of failure. You may also discover that your products are being used in unexpected ways. Knowledge which may open up new markets to your business.

Success and profitability are dependent on solid decision making. Operating a digital twin helps you to make better, more confident decisions, quicker.

An Effective Rapid Prototyping Tool

Making the most of your intellectual property.

Rules Based Engineering (RBE) tools have complex engineering built in, allowing for high confidence, reduced risk, design based on a few key parameters.

An RBE tool can be seen as the repository of your company’s intellectual property. Adding increasing value to the rules allows these tools to evolve. And challenging rules based on actual data allows the tool to keep pace with market demands.

This is especially important when minimal performance improvements can prove to be significant. Using a digital twin allows new rules to be investigated in a safe, cost effective environment.

Final Thoughts…

Take your Engineering to the next level.

Whether you develop your existing systems or go straight to Cloud there will be a toolset to get you started. Your digital twin will help you to better understand how your products are used.

New and disruptive technologies such as IoT can be harnessed with Big Data to create an evolving business resource. They enable you to make the most from your intellectual property.


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