Do I have PLM Express (Edition 3) media installed or the older P2 configuration?

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It is very important that you have the correct Media installed when it comes to Dassault Systèmes products. CATIA V5 comes in two configurations, the older P2 configuration and the newer Edition 3 configuration. Although CATIA itself does not change, the components installed will differ. 

In summary, if the P2 configuration of CATIA is installed, it will not be able to find the components from an Edition 3 license as this will not have been installed!! Both P2 and Edition 3 configurations of CATIA can be used in a side by side manner, however generally the later Edition 3 is the only one required.

What are these components?

CATIA is made up of a bunch of tools, when bundled together they create configurations which ultimately give you your CATIA V5 functionality. The components available to you are dependent on the license(s) you have.

The methodologies in which these configurations are bundled together in a Edition 3 License or a P2 license have changed. The newer Edition 3 licenses are bundled more efficiently to enable you to get the most out of your CATIA.

How do I know which configuration I have installed?

The easiest way to check is whether you have a DP2 configuration available or CAC configuration available. To do this, please follows the following steps: (The following steps are in Microsoft Windows 7 SP1)

1) Click Start

2) All Programs – <CATIA Folder> – Tools – Software Management V5:

Do I have PLM Express (Edition 3) media installed or the older P2 configuration installed?

3) In the Software Management tool and Installed Software tab, please check the following:

Do I have PLM Express (Edition 3) media installed or the older P2 configuration installed?

CAC = PLM Express (Edition 3) configuration

DP2 = P2 Configuration

4) Please check whether you have a CAC or DP2 in the list.

If you have a CAC in the list, this means you have the PLM Express (Edition 3) configuration installed and if you have the DP2 in the list, you have the P2 configuration installed. If you have both, you have both configurations installed.

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