SIMIF Series 2022

The Simulation Innovation Forum (SIMIF) is evolved into a series of online bite sized advanced simulation events. Explore the on demand sessions below.
em simif

SIMIF | Electromagnetic Simulation | On Demand

Get a hands-on overview how to simulate EMC behaviour of a PCB from start to finish in our live workshop.

modsim simif

SIMIF | MODSIM: A Product Development Philosophy | On Demand

‘Test early, test often’, explore this MODSIM philosophy and understand how businesses can benefit.

modsim simif

SIMIF | SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA Integration | On Demand

Demonstration of the integration between SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA solutions within the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Portfolio.

modsim simif

SIMIF | 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS: Transforming Product Innovation | On Demand

Transform product innovation with the cloud-based, fully connected, end-to-end solution on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

dymola simif

SIMIF | Dymola: Acausal Systems Modeling | On Demand

Get a hands-on overview on Systems Modeling and testing program virtualization to assess and develop your products faster and more sustainably.

simif life sciences

SIMIF | Life Sciences | On Demand

One of our experts will show a case study highlighting the role of simulations within each field: Implants, Human Tissue, Personalized Healthcare, and Medical Devices & Equipment.

Why Attend SIMIF Series 2022?

Live Workshops

Experience live workshops and demo’s in the latest simulation solutions.

Industry Experts

Presentation and workshops given by simulation industry experts.

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