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Welcome & Introduction
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Welcome & Introduction to the TECHNIA Software PLMIF Series 2022 - TECHNIA: PLMIF 2022

Watch TECHNIA Software's CEO, Magnus Falkman, share his insights on current and emerging trends, and discover what the company has planned for the event, on-demand from November 3, 2022.
3DEXPERIENCE Integrations & Supplier Collaboration
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Introduction: The Current State of Collaboration and Integration in Digital PLM - TECHNIA & Dassault Systèmes: PLMIF 2022

Discussing Dassault Systèmes' plan to integrate the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with other enterprise systems, whether they are on-premise or on the cloud, during this introductory session.
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3DEXPERIENCE Enterprise Integrations in Action at Autoliv - Autoliv: PLMIF 2022

Autoliv shares their 3DEXPERIENCE enterprise integration journey including challenges, tool selection, experience with TECHNIA and Integration Framework, and future plans.
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3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Enterprise Integrations Made Easy - TECHNIA: PLMIF 2022

Learn about TECHNIA's Cloud Integration as a Service offering that simplifies and makes Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud integrations more affordable and robust, connecting it easily with other systems.
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Enabling Efficient Integrations and Collaboration Using TECHNIA's SaaS Offerings - TECHNIA: PLMIF 2022

TECHNIA's Exchange Hub streamlines secure collaboration with suppliers by integrating 3D collaboration and content sharing through an SaaS hub that works with both on-premise and 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud customers.
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The Fast Lane to Future Vehicles: Use of TECHNIA X4.0 with DArc for Effective Data Exchange - TECHNIA & Valmet Automotive: PLMIF 2022

Christian Menger from Valmet Automotive Group will showcase the X4.0 data exchange tool alongside CATIA V5 and the "DArc" drawing archive.
3DEXPERIENCE Usability & Operational Excellence
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Market Trends and TECHNIA Software - TECHNIA: PLMIF 2022

Exploring the meaning of "Go Cloud" and "Go OOTB" and how TECHNIA Software can help future-proof your company.
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Optimization of PLM User Experiences for Improved Efficiency and Acceptance Without Custom Coding - TECHNIA & B.BRAUN: PLMIF 2022

Optimize 3DEXPERIENCE UI to fit tasks without custom code for higher productivity and better user acceptance, as seen in TECHNIA's customer success stories.
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Gaining Efficiency by Using In-app Just-in-time Guidance for Non Trivial Processes - TECHNIA, Scania CV AB & Elekta: PLMIF 2022

TECHNIA's Light My Way solution boosts PLM users' efficiency through an innovative training approach on complex processes. Guest speakers from Scania and Elekta share their implementation experience.
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Quick and Intuitive Troubleshooting of Your 3DEXPERIENCE System - TECHNIA: PLMIF 2022

TECHNIA Platform Intelligence offers proactive optimization of end-user experiences, helping IT organizations manage large platforms with ease and providing system owners and business representatives with valuable insights.
Data Migration to 3DEXPERIENCE
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Lessons Learned From Data Migration and Upgrade Projects - TECHNIA: PLMIF 2022

Discover the migration process and common challenges involved in transferring data from legacy systems to 3DEXPERIENCE.
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Methodology & Supporting Tools to Ensure Data Consistency and Quality - TECHNIA: PLMIF 2022

Find out how TECHNIA solutions can aid migration and hear from our speakers on maintaining data consistency and quality.
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Archiving and Viewing of Non-migrated Legacy Data - TECHNIA: PLMIF 2022

S4:manage helps digitize business processes and serves as an archiving system for non-migrated design data, with integration for leading CAD authoring systems CATIA V5 and SIEMENS NX.
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Migration from different sources into 3DEXPERIENCE using Products and best practices - TECHNIA: PLMIF 2022

The TECHNIA Integration Framework empowers digitalization of core business processes and improved data quality by efficiently transforming and transferring data to 3DEXPERIENCE.