The Siemens Oil & Gas Division in Duisburg has taken another step toward the digitalisation of quality management. LiteBox3D software has been intelligently adapted and expanded in a project run in cooperation with TECHNIA. Our goal was to improve the virtual collaboration and systematic processing of data flows within Siemens Oil & Gas.

Together, TECHNIA and Siemens Oil and Gas have further enhanced the software quality of LiteBox3D, as the adjustments are being incorporated into the LiteBox3D product and are now available to other customers.

Surprisingly, even today, some processes within complex production operations are still carried out manually.

Until recently, Siemens Gas & Oil would compare test measurements with actual values for components. These test reports were often compared to a hand-drawing – a process which is fraught with the potential for human error. But now, with LiteBox3D, the company has found an intelligent solution for viewing JT data online.

Siemens Oil & Gas adapted the JT Viewer in order to ensure optimum integration with their own processes. And they’ve managed to employ a number of intelligent features along the way. TECHNIA acted as the software partner in this process and managed to successfully carry out the customisations in only two months.

Siemens Oil & Gas actively combine data from different subsystems and required the development of special interfaces for calling up data. All of this is now displayed in LiteBox3D.  The respective components can now be analysed in either state-of-the-art 3D or 2D visuals.

The “Dimension Inspector” is able to guide the user to the correct corresponding dimensions and was developed with optimum ease-of-use in mind. When a measurement in the guide table is selected, and clicked-on, it adds an event to the graphic which is highlighted with a different colour. In addition to this, the respective data can be inspected more closely by zooming in.

And last, but not least, a digital log with an inspection signature can be generated at the touch of a button. These improvements lead to a significant reduction in error, and the overall processing period is now much quicker.

In addition to this, the interfaces with other systems reduce the possibility of transmission errors, meaning that overall data consistency is drastically improved.

As a result of this project, TECHNIA and Siemens Oil & Gas have succeeded in further increasing the quality of the LiteBox3D software. The adjustments made during this project have now been integrated into the LiteBox3D product and are available for other clients to use.

Siemens Oil & Gas have been very vocal about their appreciation of TECHNIA’s communication throughout the project. They were also impressed by the flexibility of approach and response time that made it possible to complete the project so quickly.

Siemens Oil & Gas are now rolling the product out within the entire business. The word from Duisburg is that TECHNIA are highly recommended as a system partner for further projects.

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