About the client

MEILLER Kipper produces innovative, high-quality products for the construction and waste disposal industries.

What did TECHNIA do?

TECHNIA acted as a partner for the digitisation and automation of MEILLER’s operations, and our relationship has developed over the course of several years.

What were the results?

Stephan Seeger, Head of Engineering Processes at MEILLER, said: “We are impressed by the flexibility in implementation, as well as the response times and on-time delivery.”

"We were looking for a solution to automate, company-specific 3D complex product assembly structures, consisting of up to 3000 parts and a workflow optimisation between CATIA and SAP"
Stephan Seeger, Head of Engineering Processes, Meiller

MEILLER KIPPER is an innovative company in terms of each its products and business processes. Together with TECHNIA specialists, the MEILLER KIPPER Automated BOM transfer (MKASTools) has now been developed. The program extension for CATIA V5 consists of function modules that can now be put together individually for automated digital BOM transfer from CAD to SAP.

Stephan Seeger, Meiller

F.X. MEILLER Vehicle and Machine Fabrication – GmbH & Co. KG can look back on a proud history.

Founded in 1850, the manufacturer of high-quality tipping bodies and container changing systems has developed innovative solutions and become a global player. MEILLER KIPPER attaches great importance to effective, modern processes and digitalisation. But digitalisation combined with automation has much more potential.

TECHNIA acted as a partner for this project, and our relationship with MEILLER KIPPER has developed over the course of several years. Collaboratively, we have designed and developed MKASTools. The 3D assemblies are automatically structured and checked using CATDUA, then repaired as necessary.

Standardised assembly drawings are now created, these technical drawings contain text leaders, or balloons, which make the parts clearly identifiable in the BoM (Bill of Materials). This generates a parts list that is integrated into the drawing but also available as an embedded Excel file. The components are company-specific, including features such as purchased part and weight, to ensure consistent data quality for CATPart, CATProduct and CATDrawing.

The functions status query, history and update complete the program. All applications of the MKASTools are organised in a central interface in CATIA V5 and executed by the CAD user. So that all the necessary information needed to place the order are apparent and can be promoted to production.

“We have created a very effective way to generate standardised drawing content and automatically transfer product data variations of the extensive modular system from CAD to SAP”  

– Stephan Seeger
Head of Engineering Processes, MEILLER KIPPER

Stephan’s confidence in the partnership is outlined by his belief that TECHNIA proved just how much, “Experience Matters” during the development of MKASTools.

Stephen added TECHNIA has proactively implemented the project and incorporated experience from its various solutions. This has made communication very productive, and we are also impressed by the flexibility in implementation, as well as the response times and on-time delivery.”

TECHNIA are proud to be MEILLER KIPPER’s first contact for future projects.


A pioneer of innovation

As a global player, the family-run MEILLER KIPPER company has a history of success going back to the year 1850. With a history of continuous growth, MEILLER KIPPER has constantly developed its range of services and expertise, becoming the market leader as a system provider in construction, waste management and the commercial vehicle industries… Read more

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