Which CATIA Releases Will Your License Let You Use?

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All DSLS licences have a max release date, meaning the date in the licence will determine the newest release of CATIA that you are able to use with this license.

How do you know which releases of CATIA your current licenses will let you use?

In order to use a certain release of CATIA, the max release date must be from the same year as the release or later. For example, to use CATIA V5-6R2015, the licenses must have a release date of over 2015-01-01. If the release date was 2014-XX-XX then this wouldn’t work. To check this, you will need to find the Max Release Date column on the DS License Server Administration Tool. In the column for each licence it will show the date, where the year is the release number. In the example below the licence can work for CATIA up to CATIA V5-6R2016.

To find the information you need to open up the Licence Server Administration tool.

1) Go to Start > All programs > DS License Server > Licence Server Administration

2) Select Computer Name > Click the Connect Icon

3) Select the Administration tab

If you cannot see Max Release Date column then you will need to include it. Click on the Select columns… button and click Max Release Date > Apply.

Download the latest DS License Server software from our website here. 

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