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Psst… Are you using 3DEXPERIENCE?

TECHNIA are excited to announce our new digital adoption solution (DAS), Light My Way!

But what is it?

Light My Way is capable of simplifying user experiences through combined insight, engagement, automation and more with 3DEXPERIENCE in real-time.

Guide users through custom tasks and functions based on your role and application state; speed up user adoption; quickly on-board new users and enable existing users to learn newly-added functionality.

Join the webinar

Join Hannes Lindfred, Business Development at TECHNIA for this on-demand webinar as he explores why Gartner are so sure that digital adoption solutions can assist employees with complex business processes, infrequently performed tasks and change management activities.

With key benefits such as instant shared learning on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform; swift deployment where you can get set up in a matter of minutes; improved ROI from increasing user acceptance and efficiency over time… when it comes to DAS and 3DEXPERIENCE, the only road leads to Light My Way!

Webinar Agenda / Highlights

  • Traditional ways of attacking productivity and adoption issues – problem related
  • What is DAS and what can it do for my business?
  • Positioning
  • Solutions on the market and what is missing to provide a good solution for 3DEXPERIENCE
  • DAS for 3DEXPERIENCE – solution overview
  • A demo of how it all works
  • Scope – what is it? and when to make guides?
  • Strategy & Product Roadmap

Viewing Time: 11 mins

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Presented by
Hannes Lindfred
Hannes Lindfred
Business Development, TECHNIA