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Sharing R&D information across groups and sites is a big challenge for many corporations. In addition, many applications are deployed in isolation, leading to inefficiencies for the employees and a poor overview of IP assets.

An electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) may offer the capabilities to streamline the documentation and protect intellectual property, help scientists collaborate in global and networked activities from discovery to manufacturing and make scientific data and observations associated with experimentation easier to search, find and use.

Introducing new IT systems that affect many users could be challenging, in particular for large organizations. The webinar will discuss how ELN can be used as a starting point for the implementation of several IT support systems. In addition, the impact of an out-of-the-box ELN solution is significant, giving confidence to the organization to proceed with further digitalization of the R&D environment.

An example of how BIOVIA Notebook was deployed to 1000+ users in different areas of R&D will be provided.


Learn how:

  • Electronic laboratory notebooks can improve quality, compliance, knowledge sharing and team efficiency
  • Different R&D support systems can fit into the informatics landscape
  • How an ELN deployment can be used as an enabler for further corporate digitalization


Who Should Attend?

  • Directors/Managers responsible for R&D
  • Lab Directors/Managers
  • Lab Scientists
Presented by
Mats Kihlén
Mats Kihlén
Product Manager, BIOVIA
 Niclas Lindberg
Niclas Lindberg
Sales Executive Life Sciences
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