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There is a growing need to go digital and to embrace new technologies in the Life Sciences industry. In order to keep up with market demand, companies need to develop tools and processes to optimize and ensure effective, efficient and safe productivity to speed up the delivery of innovative drugs to this vibrant healthcare market.

In particular, the management of inventory such as chemicals, samples and supplies can be complex and time-consuming for researchers, lab staff and all those who work around hazardous materials. A centralized, real-time lab inventory management system offers technology and tools to support drug development. This system has the potential to improve safety, regulatory compliance, increase cost savings and make working sustainable.

In this free webinar, the featured speakers will discuss key drivers for the implementation and the workflow of a standardized inventory system with a strong focus on chemical management.


Who Should Attend?

This webinar will be suitable for individuals with the following or related job titles:

  • Directors/Managers of Research & Development/Quality Departments
  • Lab Managers
  • Lab Staff (Scientists, MTA, TA,…)
  • Director/Managers of the Regulatory Department
  • Director/Managers of the Environment, Health and Safety Department
  • Director/Managers responsible for inventory, chemicals, and chemical waste


What You Will Learn

Participants will learn about:

✔ How to address global regulatory challenges
✔ How to achieve direct cost savings
✔ How to improve lab and personal safety


Presented by
Niclas Lindberg
Niclas Lindberg
Sales Executive Life Sciences
 Meike Diepenbroek
Meike Diepenbroek
PhD, Business Consultant Life Sciences
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