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How can CAVA help you fulfil the legal requirements to analyse exterior and interior parts of automotive products more efficiently?

Our latest webinar on demand is an informative session from TECHNIA Software looks at the following regulations: ECE R21, ECE R26 and FMVSS201.

Find out how you can save passengers and oncoming pedestrian lives by guaranteeing no sharp edges at the front and rear ends of a car.

Webinar Agenda/Key Highlights

Uncovering CAVA – What do you need to know?

With examples, you will learn how you can:

  • Determine the head impact zone on a dashboard
  • Analyse the reachable zones with the test sphere
  • Measure the height of projecting elements to evaluate exception rules

*There is a bonus section which includes an overview of special case handling for bumper zones and grills.

Viewing Time: 47 mins

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Presented by
Wolfgang Klemm
Wolfgang Klemm
Software Project Manager