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Watch the fourth episode in the Dassault Systèmes MODSIM Series.

Viewing Time: 43 minutes

About the Webinar:

Decreasing time-to-market phases and the increasing complexity of advanced systems make it difficult for engineers to test the proper performance of systems, implement changes, and optimize system architecture.

MBSE in SIMULIA and Cameo CATIA Magic enables a system model to be simulated and integrated with multidisciplinary engineering tools, providing a high level of fidelity to MBSE / digital engineering.

This presentation will showcase new capabilities and expert perspectives from both Dassault Systèmes and OEMs. We will provide an overview of approaches and tools for system modeling and the simulation of models over time, with a particular focus on the Integrated Digital Environment of 3DEXPERIENCE.

We will show how to use system simulation to test applications using an executable virtual prototype early in the development process, and demonstrate how to integrate the system simulation with other domains to close the gap between engineering disciplines.

This includes continuity with requirements, 3D CAD design, combining system simulation with multiphysics component level simulations using FEA and CFD.

Using a simple example of an Aircraft System Model in Cameo CATIA Magic, we will demonstrate Multi-disciplinary Simulation and Analysis for Early Virtual Integration with 3DEXPERIENCE platform and Process Composer.

  • Cameo Systems Modeler aircraft SysML project simulation.
  • We will connect the SysML model with Dassault Systèmes Process Composer for multidisciplinary simulation orchestration leveraging multiple models and simulations.
  • We will simulate the system model in the context of aircraft geometry and mission parameters.
  • We will perform requirement verification.
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