Having multiple versions of CATIA installed can sometimes cause issues with the CATIA settings.

August 10, 2016

By default, CATIA will create a CATSettings folder which is shared between all versions of CATIA on the same machine. Often there can be issues with CATIA and licensing. This is because the latest version of CATIA will try to overwrite to the settings in older versions of CATIA.

To eliminate these problems, we recommend splitting the CATSettings folder for each version of CATIA installed.vIn order to perform these changes, follow the steps below:

1) Go to C:ProgramDataDassaultSystemesCATEnv
2) Choose the correct version of CATIA file e.g CATIA.V5-6R2012.B22.txt
3) Open up the file and look for CATUserSettingsPath variable
4) Change the folder from CATSettings to CATSettingsR22

e.g. = CATUserSettingPath=CSIDL_APPDATADassaultSystemesCATSettingsR22

5) Save the file and close
6) Repeat for R19 or any other versions.

The settings will be stored in separate folders after the change has been applied.