BRIGADE/Plus provides an easy-to-use environment for modeling of all types of bridges and civil structures. The intuitive user-interface integrates modeling, analysis and visualization of results. The parametric, feature-based, concept enables efficient modelling of complex structures.

Our software includes predefined loads, vehicles and load combinations in accordance with a wide range of design codes including the Eurocodes with various National Annexes. BRIGADE/Plus offers a complete range of advanced capabilities such as transient- and steady state dynamic analysis, non-linear material models and contact interactions.

The results are easily visualized in 3D plots and 2D graphs. The integrated report generator can be used for efficient creation of input and result reports. Results can be automatically exported to the reinforcement module Concrete Designer or to customers own tool for design of reinforcement.


2 days


1 200 EUR


Please enquire against the upcoming sessions below. The last day to register for the course is one week before the course start date. The course will only take place if there are 3 or more registered participants.


The BRIGADE courses offered are hybrid courses, meaning you can attend the course online or at the TECHNIA office in Lund, Sweden. It is also possible to arrange the course at your office (depending on the number of participants), please use the enquiry buttons below to get in touch.

Course objective:

In this course we focus on the scripting functionality in BRIGADE/Plus and how these possibilities can be used for maximizing the time efficiency during modelling, analysis and post-processing of results.

This course covers the following topics:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Python fundamentals
  • How Python is used in BRIGADE/Plus
  • How to script geometry
  • How to script material properties
  • How to script loads and boundary conditions

Day 2:

  • How to script live loads
  • How to script load groups and load combinations
  • How to mesh with scripting
  • How to start jobs using scripting
  • How to visualize results using scripting

Who should attend?

This course is for experienced BRIGADE/Plus users.

Customized courses:

Customized courses on topics of your choice, are offered. Courses can be held online, as a hybrid course, at the TECHNIA office in Lund (Sweden) or at your home office (Sweden only). Please use the enquiry buttons below to get in touch.

Scheduled Courses

Level: Advanced
Date: 28th Mar - 29th Mar
Location: Sweden or attend online
Language: English

What's included on the course?

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An experienced, specialist trainer
Dedicated training facilities
Years of industry experience
Personal attendance certificate
On hand training co-ordinator
Lunch & refreshments

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