TECHNIA are pleased to announce the release of Lite3D 2018.5, introducing new professional features to our JT-viewer LiteBox3D.

Ray tracing

Ray tracing provides images with more photo-realism including reflection and refraction.

Rays are tracked by the viewer through each pixel of the image. If a ray strikes a specular or transparent object, further rays are traced in the direction of reflection or refraction, taking into account optical laws. Additionally, to determine shadows, further rays are tracked to each light source. This results in a much more realistic picture.

Various parameters allow the user to set, among other things, lighting and backgrounds and to adapt them to his model. The calculation is done in TECHNIA’s own calculation module and is extensible.

With this new feature, any user of LiteBox3D Pro can get a more appealing representation of their 3D model with just one mouse click.

LiteBox3D 2018.5 Raytracing


Move parts

The new function “Move Parts” allows to disassemble an assembly. Selected parts or assemblies can be moved or rotated. Optionally, an explosion line is generated. These changes can be stored in redlining scenes to e.g. create assembly plans.

LiteBox3D Move Parts


Further 2018.5 Highlights

A feature overview of the new capabilities in LiteBox3D 2018.5 is available at

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