Working with schema data in ENOVIA can be hard and your options are limited to using unsupported tools, cumbersome excel files, and other sources which are often out of sync and leave plenty of room for error. Luckily, TECHNIA faced this problem and put many years into developing a tool that gives you a new way to easily manage, handle, and install ENOVIA schemas.

Technical Information

Support for all ENOVIA business applications

Easy to configure through XML or with configuration tools

Pure Java object oriented architecture

Support for 10.7 to V6R2018x

Creating and managing database schemas

The world-class ENOVIA system from the Dassault Systemes is the clear leader in supporting your business demands for PLM. But one common problem is creating and managing database schemas. The schema tool fixes these problems by giving you the power to manage complex schema changes in an intuitive interface.

The Schema tool can provide:

  • A simplified upgrade process including a full schema impact analysis with a single mouse click
  • A safe, fast and easy schema management system for clear version control
  • A simplified conversion of OOTB table pages to easy to use XML based TVC configurations

Make life easy

All this comes as standard functionality in the Schema Tool, maintained and supported by TECHNIA. The Schema Tool helps make life easy for the ENOVIA community, including the administrators.

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