TECHNIA’s Profiler allows you to troubleshoot 3DEXPERIENCE performance and review implementations. Helping you to focus development effort where it is most effective.

Technical Information


Analyse all application calls to ENOVIA, from the web layer down to the database


Monitor application and ENOVIA memory consumption


Save your profiling session to enable later comparison and analysis


Export functionality to MS Word format

What is Profiler?

Tool for Developers

The Profiler is a tool for developers, used for tracking all calls that are made to the ENOVIA Kernel. This tool can also analyse this information in order to improve the quality and performance of your code. The ENOVIA Kernel is a part of the “eMatrixServletRMI.jar” library and is the bridge between the “Java world” and the “native layer” of ENOVIA. It is the native layer that contains the core ENOVIA functionality that performs all calls to the back-end database.

Identify Bottlenecks

It is essential that the number of calls to the ENOVIA kernel are reduced to a minimum. These calls need to be made as optimal as possible in order to ensure that the application scales well when the amount of concurrent users and data increases. The Profiler allows you to identify possible bottlenecks early on in the development process, before the code is deployed to a production system. The Profiler dynamically monitors the Matrix Kernel and reports all the calls being made to any “Profiler Client” that is connected. From the profiler client, you will then be able to analyse all traffic and trace this back up to the code that triggered the particular ENOVIA call.

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