TECHNIA’s Graphical Reporting module allows you to view your data in an immersive visual interface, allowing you to quickly find data or make key decisions based on accurate and real-time reports.

Technical Information

Supports ENOVIA

Support for all ENOVIA products and processes

Easy Configuration

Easy to configure through XML or with configuration tools


Pure Java object oriented architecture


Support for 10.7 to V6R2018x

It’s time to unlock the power of your ENOVIA data!

Make more accurate decisions

The Graphic Reporting component adds easily configurable graphical visualization widgets to ENOVIA, assisting users in making a more accurate project and product decisions on a daily basis. Working with your data is just as important as storing it correctly, through the Graphical Reporting component, you can identify trends, view unfinished tasks, identify project bottlenecks, visually search through interactive data giving you the insights you need.

Getting started is easy...

The underlying framework of the out-of-the-box components can be used to configure charts of different kinds out of any type of information in ENOVIA. The framework is well documented and the existing graph components come complete with all source code and are perfect templates to start from, so you can create your first view in minutes!

graphical reporting

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