TECHNIA’s File Manager takes all the guesswork out of file management in ENOVIA. File Manager keeps track of your files, and ensures redundant data is eliminated. Making your users faster and your quality high.

Technical Information

Supports ENOVIA

Support for all ENOVIA business applications

Easy Configuration

Easy to configure through XML or with configuration tools


Pure Java object oriented architecture


Support for 10.7 to V6R2018x

Structure Browser

Requires Structure Browser

Simplify working with documents…

File Manager enhances ENOVIA’s document management functions by making it simple to edit MS Office documents. It automatically embeds and updates document metadata and reduces the steps in the check-in/checkout process.

The File Manager Component takes control behind the scenes and manages all of the steps for check-in, check-out and updating of the relevant metadata. Users always work with the ENOVIA interface and the MS Office tools, so there is no learning curve using the File Manager Component.

file manager

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