SIMULIA Abaqus/Standard is a finite element analysis (FEA) program which is ideal for static and low-speed dynamic events. Abaqus/Standard will give highly accurate stress solutions appropriate to the environment, allowing the user to analyse a model both in the frequency and time domains, within one simulation.

Main Features

Accurate Solutions

Abaqus/Standard offers a robust implicit solver to perform highly accurate static and low-speed dynamic events.

Multiple Co-simulations

Perform multiple co-simulations in the same analysis and combine different behaviours.

Switch Between Solvers

Go from implicit to explicit, or vice versa with the same interface by simply switching your solver type.

Various Analysis Types

Perform various types of analysis to analyse if your product withstands many real-life behaviours.

Functionalities of SIMULIA Abaqus/Standard

Many Analysis Types

Abaqus Standard can perform linear and non-linear static and structural low-speed dynamic events

General, Linear, and Non-linear Analyses

  • Static stress/displacement
  • Direct cyclic
  • Low-cycle fatigue
  • Viscoelastic/viscoplastic response
  • Dynamic stress/displacement
  • Steady-state transport
  • Heat transfer (transient and steady-state)
  • Mass diffusion (transient and steady-state)
  • Acoustics
  • Multiphysics

Linear Perturbation Analyses

  • Static stress/displacement
  • Dynamic stress/displacement
  • Time-harmonic low frequency electromagnetic

Robust Solution Techniques

Use different solutions techniques to reach convergence an accuracy
  • Parallel execution on both shared memory and distributed memory parallel (cluster) systems
  • Parallel direct sparse solver with dynamic load balancing
  • Parallel iterative solver
  • Parallel Lanczos eigenvalue solution
  • Parallel AMS eigenvalue solution
  • Parallel element operations
  • Multiple load cases
  • Full Newton and quasi- Newton methods
  • GPGPU accelerated sparse solver

Material Definitions

Apply many types of mechanical material models
  • Elastic Mechanical Properties
  • Inelastic Mechanical Properties
  • Additional Material Properties

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