SIMULIA Abaqus/CAE is the complete solution for Abaqus finite element modelling for product simulation. Abaqus/CAE has the tools so that you can easily create, edit, monitor, diagnose, and visualise simulations using the advanced Abaqus analyses. The intuitive, easy to use interface integrates modelling, analysis, and results visualisation in a single environment.

Main Features

Advanced Meshing

A powerful meshing tool for many types of mesh elements and mesh approaches to suite your application.


Customize the graphical user interface and script common tasks with the use of Python scripting.

User Friendly Interface

A clear, powerful and user friendly interface to model, set-up and interpret your simulations.

Complete Functionality

Abaqus/CAE includes modelling, analysis, job management, monitoring, and results visualisation.

Functionalities of SIMULIA Abaqus/CAE

Geometry Creation and Import

Abaqus/CAE can create geometry from scratch, import existing geometry, and edit or repair geometry.
  • Solid features
  • Cut features
  • Shell features
  • Wire features
  • Mirror feature
  • Datum geometry
  • Partitioning tools
  • 2-D Sketcher
  • Sketch cleanup
  • Sketch import/export
  • Geometry import/export
  • CAD Associative Interfaces (add-on modules)
  • Geometry Edit Tools

Powerful Assembly Tools

Create and interact with assemblies and instances.
  • Create linear & circular patterns
  • Translate rotate, replace and position parts within the assembly
  • Merge and cut geometric parts and orphan meshes
  • Create geometric sets containing edges, faces, skins and cells
  • Define multiple model displays, use selection tools, apply translucency and create view cuts
  • Apply colour coding to geometry and meshes

Define Properties

Apply many types of material models.

• General
• Elasticity
• Electrical properties
• Mass diffusion
• Magnetic properties
• Plasticity
• Eletromagnetic properties
• Pore fluid properties
• Thermal properties
• Gasket
• Acoustic medium
• Damage initiation criteria and evolution
• Brittle cracking
• Equation of state (EOS) materials
• User materials
• Hyperelastic/viscoelastic material evaluation
• Anisotropic hyperelasticity

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