As a SOLIDWORKS Simulation user, you might find that you have an increasing need for advanced simulation capabilities. If you are considering topology optimisation, working with complex material behaviour, and want to better understand the nonlinearity issues you may face, then Abaqus for SOLIDWORKS is for you.

Main Features

Advanced FEA Solver for SOLIDWORKS

Specifically created for developing users who encounter challenging non-linear applications that exceed their systems current capabilities.

SIMULIA Portfolio of Products

Opening the door to the SIMULIA portfolio of products, Abaqus for SOLIDWORKS includes world class and leading solvers such as Abaqus Standard, Explicit & CFD for simulating a range of real world applications.

Advanced Simulation Tools

Upgrading your existing SOLIDWORKS Simulation to Abaqus will give you access to the most advanced industry simulation tools. This offer complements and extends the SOLIDWORKS Simulation capabilities and other standard CAE tools.

What's Included?

SOLIDWORKS associative interface with Abaqus, Abaqus/CAE for pre- and post-processing, Abaqus linear and non-linear solver including explicit and CFD, Access to Isight, TOSCA and fe-safe (when you choose the extended package).

What additional benefits will Abaqus deliver?

Abaqus for SOLIDWORKS will deliver the advanced features that you are looking for, including robust contact, accurate & stable non-linear material models. Offering an advanced non-linear multiphysics FEA solver incorporating fluid, thermal, acoustic and structural domains, in addition to the support of multi-cpu/gpu’s for high-performance computing. Advanced topology optimisation is available through Tosca, while parametric optimisation and process automation is available with Isight. Abaqus for SOLIDWORKS also delivers reliable fatique life estimates based on fe-safe. And so much more…

Abaqus for SOLIDWORKS Screenshot

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