LiteComply checks whether the JT models are compliant with the development policies of customers regarding geometry, structure and methodology. Thereby meeting the requirements for the follow-up processes.

Examples of available checks:

Item Existence: General

Document Links: General

JT File Version: General

Isometric Positioning Matrix: General

BREP Types: General

Consistent Component Units: General

Checks for discontinuities, folded surfaces or elements outside bounding box: Geometry

With LiteComply it is very easy for companies to comply with design guidelines and quality requirements. By using LiteComply compliance to standards and quality rules becomes an automated part of the process.

Within the JT format and in the JT context commonly used PLMXML and STEP AP242 XML files for assembly structures, a number of data quality problems may occur. These can hinder subsequent processes evidently and often require complex corrections and rework.

LiteComply is seamlessly integrated into the Lite3D portfolio of TECHNIA. JT and TIFF files can be checked in batch mode or interactively directly in LiteBox3D, an easy to use and in the basic version free JT viewer.

LiteComply – Data Quality for JT and TIFF

The desired validation rules can be stored in a configuration and made available to the user. The representation of defects is greatly simplified by a detailed error description and visualization of the problem for the user. The validation results are provided as HTML protocols.


LiteComply Integration in Daimler JT Supplier Package

LiteComply is used to validate JT data in the Daimler JT Supplier Package (JTSP). A qualification process is required to send JT data to Daimler.

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