LiteBox3D Web Viewer is an easy to use JT viewer, based on the specification of the JT ISO 14306:2012 standard. It is equipped with powerful APIs that allow easy integration in any browser-based application.



IP protection

The 3D models are stored at any time on the server – only tessellated information is sent to the browser on an end device which ensures a high security of your data. Installation, configuration and updates are done on the server.

Easy access on any device

Whether on mobile or at your desk, you can access your 3D-models from every device. No client-side installation or browser plugins are required.

Always up to date

No more confusion due to different releases of the same model, the latest version is always accessible. You no longer have to ask yourself: "Where are my files? Who has my files?" or "Is this the right version?"

Open Standards

TECHNIA supports the CPO Initiative (Code of PLM Openness) and demonstrates with LiteBox3D that the JT format is an open ISO standard. LiteBox3D reads the JT format based on the specification of the JT ISO 14306:2012 without using any vendor or re-engineered toolkits.

User-friendly interface

LiteBox3D Web Viewer is characterized by its user-friendliness, its functions are self-explanatory and users do not need any previous CAD knowledge of measuring or clipping. The interface can also be edited to hide functions for users.

Easy integration

LiteBox3D Web Viewer with its with powerful APIs is easy to integrate into any web-based solutions like product configurators, spare part catalogs, lifecycle management applications, supplier portals and PDM/ERP systems.

System requirements

No expensive server hardware required due to client-side rendering technology.

Offline mode

Keep on working without internet connection thanks to client cache.


Test LiteBox3D Web online

The viewer provides a number of demo files, which are cached on TECHNIA’s web server. The demo should give you an idea how LiteBox3D can be embedded into any kind of web solution.

Try “LiteBox3D Web viewer” online

Here is an example of a welding point database, where LiteBox3D Web is used to display welding points onto a JT model.



The main features of LiteBox3D Web Viewer are listed below. The desktop version of LiteBox3D is also listed for comparison.

Feature Desktop  Web 
Display JT (Version 8.1-10.2), STEP AP242 XML, PLMXML
Display PMIs and Model views
Show properties
Show model tree
Multi-Model view
Use orthographic or perspective projection
Visualization modes (Shaded, Shaded+Wireframe)
Different highlighting modes
Redlining / Markups – Create & Save (Author) x
Redlining / Markups – Load & Display (User)     planned
Offline Usage
Use on all devices x
Create snapshot
Clipping / Sectioning
Ability to control visibility by layers x
Access to other Lite3D products (LiteComply, LiteDrop, xCompare, LiteMachine) x

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