LiteBox3D is an easy to use JT viewer, based on the specification of the JT ISO standard. Moreover PLMXML, STEP AP242 XML and TIFF files are supported.


Open Standards

TECHNIA supports the CPO Initiative (Code of PLM Openness) and demonstrates with LiteBox3D that the JT format is an open ISO standard. LiteBox3D is reading the JT format based on the specification of the JT ISO 14306:2012 and not using any vendor or re-engineered toolkit.

High performance

By directly accessing the JT model based on the ISO description as well as the 64 Bit support, LiteBox3D is able to view large CAD models in the JT format. Furthermore, the function of multithreading ensures very fast loading of files.

User-friendly interface

LiteBox3D is characterized by its user-friendliness. LiteBox3D is self-explanatory regarding its functions, users do not need any previous CAD knowledge for measuring, clipping and comparing assemblies.

Simple integration

LiteBox3D Desktop Viewer has an interface based on JAVA Eclipse and offers a DDE interface to allow communication with any third party products e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Easy installation and distribution

Standard settings for all users can be controlled globally by the administrator. This makes software distribution easy. Different versions of LiteBox3D can be installed on the same machine.

Industry Trusted Solution

TECHNIA develops JT applications for 10 years, focusing mainly on the benefit for our customers. LiteBox3D is used in the Daimler JT supplier package to help suppliers deliver appropriate JT data. Suppliers can use LiteBox3D and LiteComply to fulfill OEM requirements as well as streamlining their own processes with JT.

LiteBox3D as a platform for process applications

LiteComply, LiteDrop, LiteMachine and xCompare are additional process applications which extend the functionality of LiteBox3D. The Lite3D platform is also the basis for customer-specific software.

Free version for commercial usage

The free version of LiteBox3D Desktop viewer may be used unlimited for commercial usage.

This free of charge desktop viewer can be extended with add-on applications for IP protection, model comparison and quality validation.

LiteBox3D Pro extends the capabilities of the free viewer with redlining, 3DHTML export, etc. For further details refer to the feature list above.


Comparison of features for free LiteBox3D and LiteBox3D-Pro.

Feature Free Professional
JT Version 8.1 – 10.2
Tick Mark Tick Mark
Display PMIs and Model views Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Filter and visibility of properties Tick Mark Tick Mark
Show model tree Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Show PMI tree and properties Info_Button Abort Mark Tick Mark
Multi-Model view Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Use orthographic or perspective projection Tick Mark Tick Mark
Raytracing / High End visualization Abort Mark Tick Mark
Visualization modes (Shaded, Shaded+Wireframe, Tessellation) Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Adjustment of lighting settings Abort Mark Tick Mark
Ability to control visibility by layers Tick Mark Tick Mark
Different highlighting modes Info_Button and ghosted Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Redlining / Markups – Create & Save (Author) Info_Button Abort Mark Tick Mark
Redlining / Markups – Load & Display (User) Tick Mark Tick Mark
DDE Interface for communication with other processes Tick Mark Tick Mark
Adjustable mouse control Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Geometry / Topology analysis Abort Mark Tick Mark
Measurement Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Advanced Measurement Info_Button Abort Mark Tick Mark
Clipping / Sectioning with color filling Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Enhanced Clipping Info_Button Abort Mark Tick Mark
Silhouette creation Info_Button Abort Mark Tick Mark
Export of 3DHTML and BOM Info_Button Abort Mark Tick Mark
Printing – properties Info_Button & model views Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Add, edit, and delete properties & value Abort Mark Tick Mark
Create snapshot Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Support of watermarks Info_Button Tick Mark Tick Mark
Multi-Language Support (English, German, Chinese) Tick Mark Tick Mark


Licensing of LiteBox3D-Pro

LiteBox3D-Pro is licensed per workplace (user/machine).
10 workplace licenses cost 900,-€ plus VAT and annual maintenance.

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