ENOVIA VPLM provides a complete set of integrated solutions for virtual product modelling, lifecycle management, and decision support for companies making complex, high-value products.

Main Features

One Unified Environment

ENOVIA VPLM products help enable companies developing large engineering-intensive products to manage the complete product lifecycle in a unified environment.

Access, Share & Manage Product Information Securely

This results in increased innovation, reduced development time and costs, and a boost in the difference new products make reaching the market right the first time.

Protect Intellectual Property

Manages IP information using the PPR (Product, Processes and Resources) model, including a product's definition along with its manufacturing processes and related resources.

Achieve Competitive Innovation

ENOVIA VPLM products enable companies to springboard from a current design to a competitive innovation by applying new practices such as collaborative design, product morphing, "design in context," and digital mock-up.



ENOVIA 3d com provides a single front-end solution for multiple information sources and applications, for improving collaboration and decision support. ENOVIA 3d com products are the ideal solution for anyone within a company who needs to have a single point of access federating all extended enterprise information to facilitate decision making, collaboration and access to the product lifecycle pipeline. They target an extended enterprise wide deployment level.


ENOVIA V5 VPM offers a comprehensive, streamlined approach to managing the creation and maturation of the virtual product definition. With ENOVIA V5 VPM, engineers are able to extend the power of CATIA V5 knowledgeware and Relational Design to quickly optimise designs within the context of an assembly or an entire portfolio – improving performance and increasing reuse across product lines and variants.

Web-Based Learning Solutions

ENOVIA V5 Web-based Learning Solutions (WLS) is an easy-to-use learning and support system. It provides all the required information and training in one source for maximum assured productivity of the user community. Extending the knowledge of ENOVIA anytime with an everyday companion. The companion provides a set of learning resources, known as skillets, which are carefully designed to acquire or enhance a given skill in a short time.

DMU Solutions

ENOVIA V5 DMU enables digital product simulation, analysis and validation, improving product quality and accelerating decision making by providing real-time insight into real-world product performance. V5 DMU enables real-time visualization and review of the 3D product as it evolves, streamlining collaborative review and decision-making. It allows design teams to digitally build the product mock-up and its environment, then analyse it to gain early insight.


CAA-RADE product portfolio provides the most complete set of tools, guides and APIs that supports the development process, from the initial product definition to the final product packaging. Deploying PLM necessitates that product lifecycle development capability has significant breadth and depth. The specific needs of a company will further require that capability can be expanded, tailored, extended and integrated.

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