The ENOVIA V6 portfolio offers industry solutions for the enterprise and small to mid-market. ENOVIA is easy to acquire, quick to learn and effortless to master.

Main Features

Integration with Existing Solutions

ENOVIA V6 fully integrates with your existing design, engineering and analysis solutions, providing powerful capabilities via a standard web browser.

Ready To Use

ENOVIA V6 offers ready-to-use business processes to ensure you rapidly benefit from collaboration.

Process-Based Domains

The products are organised into five business process-based domains in order to best target specific areas to address.

Increased ROI

Applications include ENOVIA Accelerators which provide pre-packaged business processes by industry, enabling rapid implementation and increased ROI.


Governance User

The Governance domain allows companies to launch enterprise-wide new product introductions on-time and on-budget.

Key benefits include:

  • Requirements Management
  • Portfolio Configuration Management
  • Program Management
  • Decision Support Business Intelligence
  • Compliancy


Tools for designers, product engineers, manufacturing professionals and other innovators collaborating on product development. Ideal for those responsible for rapid authoring, analysis and validation of products and processes.

Key benefits include:

  • IP Work-In-Progress
  • IP Asset Release
  • IP Classification and Re-Use

Supply Chain User

The Global Sourcing domain allows companies to leverage supply chain capabilities throughout the product lifecycle and make their suppliers an integral part of product development.

Key benefits include:

  • Supply Chain Network
  • Collaborative Sourcing
  • Supplier Performance Monitoring


ENOVIA solutions for all users to search and review data, to participate in approval processes and to collaborate with other users.

Key benefits include:

  • Process Collaboration
  • 3D Collaboration

IT / Administrator

Discover solutions designed for those responsible for administering the ENOVIA server and refining its business rules and data to meet specific company processes.

Key benefits include:

  • Administration Tools
  • Integration Tools

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