CAVA Tools is a collection of CAVA functions that is only available in the CAVA All bundle but none of the single products.

cava tools


Easy projection of the front area

Can also be used for other objects (e.g. front printing forms)

No CAVA data collection necessary

Supports CATIA CGR and geometric data

Oriented toward CATIA geometry

TECHNIA Software offers CAVA Tools to make CAVA technology available to none-automotive customers. And to offer more functionalities to those customers using just specific CAVA products.

Currently available in CAVA Tools:

  • CAVA Silhouette

CAVA Silhouette – 2D Projection of geometry outlines

The Silhouette function is offering the possibility to project the silhouette of any selected geometry to a target plane. Thus, helping to create homologation drawings and the frontal area of the car for a drag coefficient calculation.

The Silhouette function is also suitable for applications beyond car design – coming in handy whenever generating a projection of multiple geometries or CGR elements becomes necessary

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