CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE provides a lean and intuitive environment for all design and engineering activities. The CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Processes Portfolio contains over 50 Roles which support User Experiences in Design/Styling, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Fluids Engineering, Multi-Discipline Engineering and Systems Engineering.

Main Features

A Social Design Environment

Built on a single source of truth and accessed through powerful 3D dashboards that drive business intelligence, CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE offers real-time concurrent design and collaboration across all stakeholders including mobile workers.

Optimized Effectiveness

An instinctive 3DEXPERIENCE, for both experienced and occasional users with world-class 3D modelling and simulation capabilities that optimize the effectiveness of every user.

Inclusive Product Development Platform

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE is easily integrated with existing processes & tools. This enables multiple disciplines to leverage powerful and integrated specialist applications across all phases of the product development process.



CATIA Engineering Excellence

CATIA Engineering provides the platform which enables engineers to create any type of 3D assembly, for a wide range of engineering processes. Mechanical engineers equipped with CATIA 3D Modelling tools can gain insight into key factors of quality and performance early in the product development phase.

Design / Styling

CATIA Design / Styling for Product Excellence

From 3D sketching, subdivision surface, Class-A modeling to 3D printing, reverse engineering, visualization and experience, CATIA Design/Styling provides all the solutions for design creativity, surface excellence and product experience.

Systems Engineering

Mastering the Cross-Discipline Systems Development Process

The Systems Engineering solution delivers a unique, open and extensible development platform – a platform that fully integrates the cross-discipline modeling, simulation, verification and business process support needed for developing complex ‘cyber-physical’ products.

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